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Bachelor Party Ideas That Aren’t Totally Debaucherous

BY: Editors | Jun 26, 2017

When thinking about bachelor party ideas, images of debauchery are likely the first that come to mind. Movies like The Hangover haven't exactly downplayed this stereotype, though they do beg a question: how are these guys still alive—and in relationships?

But not every groom-to-be wants to celebrate his upcoming wedding with a lap dance or a bar crawl. That's why we've put together the following list of bachelor party ideas that are cheap, easy to pull off, and won't result in next-day regrets. Don't worry: they're still packed with fun.

Host an at-home gaming night.

Take a page from the rising board-game-café trend and host a Risk or Settlers of Catan marathon. Or if you're really tired of thinking of themes for parties or bachelor party games, keep it simple and invite the guys over for pizza and video games—a little Mario Kart, grub, and some beers makes for a night in just about any dude will love.

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Hit up a food festival.

Just because you love food doesn't mean you need to break the bank with a fancy meal, and street festivals are one of the most fun ways to sample tasty, exciting food without emptying your pockets. Find the nearest one—be it a rib fest, food-truck tasting, or other culinary event happening in your city—and pig out.

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Rent a party bus.

Whether you're heading to a couple brewery tours, returning from a round of golf, or treating out-of-town friends to a sightseeing cruise around your city, party buses are a great way to do it. They're one of the only ways you can safely have a drink while en route somewhere, and they're a whole lot more fun than squeezing into a cab. This is one of those more expensive ideas on this list, but if you're splitting the cost with a group of guys (and making this your main focus of the night), it's still totally affordable.

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Run a race.

Relive your childhood by seeing which of your crew is the straight-up fastest in a 5K. If you want to change things up a bit, though, show off your physical stamina while challenging your buds to an obstacle-course race. Typical races include things like rope swings, mud pits, and waist-high waters across a multiple-mile course.

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Cook your own food.

Whether you're taking a cooking class or just firing up the grill and channeling your inner Ron Swanson, this is all but guaranteed to be a hit since there'll be food in the end. And if you want a booze-free party, a cooking class is one of the best bachelor party ideas out there—it's probably better to handle knives while sober.

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Play mini golf.

Lots of bachelor parties work a round of golf into the routine, but if you've got a crew that's not crazy about the game or spending more than three hours on a course, putt-putt is a perfect alternative. You'll get all the skill of actual putting—navigating windmills and tunnels is no joke—with the added bonus of being allowed to heckle your friend while he's at the tee box. And if you miss the competitiveness of the real sport, put this twist on things: worst score buys drinks for the group.

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Sip samples at a brewery or winery.

You read that right: winery is up there. Craft breweries are great for learning about the beer-making process and discovering intricacies in the taste, texture, and smell of their drinks—and so are wineries. Not all guys are beer lovers, either, so if you've got friends who'd rather sip rosé than choke down a porter, go for a winery tour over one at a brewery.

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Roast the groom-to-be before a comedy show.

It's not really a secret that the "discourse" at bachelor parties leans a bit silly. Instead of sitting in a living room trading jokes, head to a local open-mic set to (in good fun, of course) roast the groom-to-be. When you're done laughing/apologizing, see how the pros do it at an improv or standup comedy show.



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