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Bachelorette Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

BY: Editors | Jun 26, 2017

You've recently been appointed maid of honor, and you're looking for creative bachelorette party ideas to toast the bride-to-be. Consider ditching the usual night of barhopping and get creative instead. After all, not everyone wants to spend the night drinking margaritas out of a penis straw while wearing a sparkly tiara. There are plenty of nontraditional bachelorette party ideas that promise to please bridal crews of all stripes.

Book a weekend camping getaway.

Try: A cozy stay at the Cabins at Bear Creek Resort in Big Bear Lake, California (from $56/night)

Coordinate your flannels during a low-key weekend getaway to a rustic cabin, where you can spend the day hiking and the evening telling ghost stories—or playing bachelorette party games—around the campfire.

Great for: Travel lovers and outdoorsy types

Party essentials: Pack everything you need to make s'mores and the bride's favorite cocktails. Use the opportunity to get creative with bachelorette party decorations and create a Pinterest-worthy tableau of pine-cone garlands and a DIY trail mix bar.

Take it to the next level: Since you'll likely have some downtime, search for some active things to do in the area. Look into a kayaking excursion if everyone's game, or take a break from nature and head to a chill local brewery (for instance, Big Bear Lake Brewing Company is just a mile away from the Cabins at Bear Creek Resort).

Not in California? Find outdoor getaways near you.

Treat her taste buds to a steakhouse dinner.

Try: a kobe-beef tasting at 212 Steakhouse in New York City

If your girl loves to linger over leisurely meals at fine-dining establishments, surprise her with a bachelorette party reservation at a fancy steakhouse. Keep the destination a secret till you roll up outside.

Great for: foodies and fancy-pantses

Party essentials: Have everyone dress up for the occasion. You can even schedule a hair and makeup appointment for the bride so she looks stunning in all the photos.

Take it to the next level: When you make the reservation, ask for a behind-the-scenes tour of the kitchen, where she'll get to see the chefs in action. Or have a bottle of champagne already chilling on ice and waiting at the table when your group arrives.

Not in New York? Find steakhouses near you.

Sign up for an adventerous group fitness class.

Try: a killer aerial ab workout at AIR Aerial Fitness in Chicago

First, a caveat: make sure everyone wants to get sweaty before you sign up for a group workout. If the gang is enthusiastic, it's a great way to bond over intense physical activity. Plus, it gives you an excuse to indulge in food or drinks later in the day.

Great for: fitness enthusiasts

Party essentials: Matching leggings, anyone? And perhaps a custom-printed tee to remind you that you're all in this together. (Get 12 custom tees starting at $65 here.)

Take it to the next level: Pay for a day pass to the pool and fitness areas at a high-end local hotel in the city. A day pass is perfect for groups with bachelorettes who want to work out and bachelorettes who would rather sip drinks in the sunshine.

Not in Chicago? Find aerial fitness classes near you.

Host a bachelorette sleepover with an in-home wine tasting.


Try: a 90-minute tasting for up to 12 from PRP Wine International in Orange, California

An adult slumber party is a fun way to indulge in some nostalgia before the bride becomes a Mrs, especially when the night's itinerary includes risque games, dancing, and some good old-fashioned Truth or Dare. Adding an in-home wine tasting led by a wine expert makes the event feel a little more celebratory and special, and is suprisingly cost-effective.

Great for: proud homebodies, wine lovers, and the budget-conscious

Party essentials: PJs required. Order pizza to pair with the wine, and don't forget to queue up a few raunchy comedies.

Take it to the next level: Curate a playlist with Top 40 songs from high school—it'll make for a guaranteed nostalgia trip, along with some group hair-braiding and rounds of MASH.

Not in Orange? Find in-home wine-tasting companies near you.

Test your brain at an escape room.

Try: Mixing chemicals to make faux drugs at Lockout Austin.

Escape rooms encourage bridesmaid bonding as teams have to work closely together to solve puzzles and find clues to break out of a locked room. Most escape rooms are elaborately designed to fit the game's theme, and they typically have solve rates of less than 50%, making them a true challenge for even the smartest groups.

Great for: smarty-pantses and gamers

Party essentials: Coffee, you'll need to make sure your brain is fully stimulated before you enter the game.

Take it to the next level: Give everyone a Sherlock Holmes–style cap to wear during the game and take a cute group picture.

Not in Austin? Find an escape room near you.

Bachelorette Party Games

Though they can induce groans and eye rolls, bachelorette party games exist for a reason: they can help groups of women from different parts of the bride's life bond. To cut down on the cringe-factor, don't just revert to wrapping the bride in a toilet-paper wedding gown. Instead, try these three less common games:

* Guess the Ex Charades: The bride's friends divide into two teams and act out the mannerisms of the bride's exes, hookups, and crushes.

* Crude Pictionary: It's the classic game, but with naughty pictures.

* Bra Pong: Grab about six padded bras and tack them up to the wall. Proceed to launch ping-pong balls into them.