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Our Best Beauty Gifts

Buying beauty gifts for other people can be tricky. Unless you're the type of person who keeps a running list of which of your friends are springs and which are autumns (and we're guessing you're not), picking out the perfect shade of lipstick or lash tint for your bestie is a daunting task likely to end in disaster. But fear not: we found plenty of universally-appealing gift ideas for beauty lovers that don't require you to have advanced knowledge of their skin tone or dry-brushing habits



For the friend who's serious about achieving a flawless complexion, this kit is probably one of the most loved (and generous) gifts for makeup lovers out there. The dermatologist-tested kit has everything they'll need to get started, including blush, primer, skin-brightener, and foundation in four different shades.



A certificate for a blowout is something any beauty junkie would love to have in their back pocket to use when an unexpected event pops up, or just on a day when their self-confidence could use a little boost. Plus, no matter how good a person gets at blow-drying their own hair, it never looks as good and when a professional does it. Never.


Color-Changing Lipstick

They might look clear, but don't be fooled: these lipsticks actually react with your body's chemistry to impart a subtle shade that perfectly suits your skin tone. Plus, they look really, really cool.


Makeup Mirror

At some point in their life, every makeup junkie has fantasized about having one of those Hollywood-style lighted vanities in their bathroom. Consider this foldable model the smaller, energy-efficient version. Plus, the movable mirrors allow users to view their face from practically any angle, a feat we're pretty sure those old bathroom mirrors never could accomplish. Eat your heart out, Mae West.


Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are one of the hottest beauty gifts of the moment and we don't know a single person who isn't crazy for them. This set from maker TonyMoly (the company behind those popular "I'm Real" masks), features masks made from gentle cotton and infused with a variety of hydrating, calming, and anti-aging serums.


Makeup Remover Towel

Nobody likes wasting tons of tissues wiping off their makeup (and really, how well does that work?), which makes this unique tool a saving grace for both the planet and your face. The soft, reusable, fabric towel is formulated to wipe off every single bit of makeup from your face with no help from anything but a little bit of water.


Lash Lift

Lash extensions will give you full, natural-looking lashes alright, but they need to be touched-up every few weeks. Perhaps that's why so many celebrities prefer the lash-lift instead. Technicians apply a keratin serum that naturally curves and lengthens real lashes with results that last... wait for it... up to 12 weeks! It's an extravagant beauty gift, to be sure, but one they'll treasure for... well, at least a few months.


Makeup Brush Set

Thoughtful, affordable, and practical, a set of makeup brushes is pretty much our idea of the perfect beauty gift. Chances are your gift recipient hasn't replaced their existing brushes in a long while, and the cute storage pouches included here make these sets perfect for travel.


Mood-Changing Gel Polish

This nail lacquer functions just like a mood ring: in cold temps, it turns one color, in warm temps, another. One catch: it requires a UV lamp to set, but don't worry: we got you.


LED Tweezers

Those tiny brow hairs you always miss? Their days are numbered thanks to these tweezers, which feature a slip-proof, ribbed handle and a button activated LED lamp. Your gift recipient's brows will never be off-fleek again.


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