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Our 8 Favorite Corn Mazes

BY: Editors | Aug 14, 2017

Few things are more intrinsically American than baseball, apple pie, and enormous crops of corn cut into puzzling labyrinths. Sure, corn mazes originated as a British tradition, but American farmers quickly adopted them as a way to attract tourists to their homesteads in the months leading up to winter. Today, there are thousands of mazes spread across the country, all cut into shapes designed to impress pilots overhead and trap visitors inside. We've found seven of the largest, smallest, and just plain weirdest corn mazes in America.

1. Cool Patch Pumpkins | Dixon, CA

When: Daily, starting September 23, 2017

How much: $15 maze admission | free for kids 5 and under

Many a corn maze claims to be the world's largest, but this Dixon corn maze is the only one that's featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. Brothers Matt and Mark Cooley started with a modest 15-acre maze to help sell their pumpkins in 2000, and they kept adding acres every year in hopes of setting a record. They achieved their goal in 2007, but they've shown no signs of letting up.

2. The Fritzler Maze's Scream Acres | La Salle, CO

When: Sat. & Sun., starting September 16 | Fri., Sat., & Sun. starting September 29 | Wed.–Sun., October 17–31 | Haunted maze runs Fri. & Sat. in Sept. and Wed.–Sat. in October

How much: $16 for non-scary maze ($13 for kids under 11), and $25 for haunted maze (all ages)

Scream Acres has a reputation as being one of the scariest haunted corn mazes in the country. Phase 1 of the labyrinth has no scares, which is probably what makes it so unnerving. Groups hold hands and silently plod ahead through the darkness, expecting the ominous shoe to drop at any moment. That moment comes in Phase 2, where shadowy creatures lurk among the corn stalks and terrify those who take too long to solve the puzzle.

3. Richardson Corn Maze | Spring Grove, IL

When: Tuesday–Sunday, September 2–October 29

How much: $16 for ages 13+ | $13 for ages 4–12 | free for kids 3 and under

Richardson Farm grabbed the media spotlight in 2013, thanks to its 33-acre tribute to the Beatles. The maze theme changes every year, and each design includes 5 problem solving games that cater to visitors of all ages. Once you find your way out, spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying fall-themed activities such as barrel swings, pig races, corn cannons, and campfires.

Check out our article all about the Richardson Adventure Farm.

4. Queens County Farm Museum | Glen Oaks, NY

When: Sat. & Sun., Sept 23–Oct 29 & Mon., Oct 9

How much: $10 for adults | $5 for children ages 4–11 | free for children under 3

It's hard to imagine how a farm could even exist—much less thrive—within the boundaries of New York City. But the state's oldest farm, which dates back to 1697, is still in use and even features its own corn maze. The maze occupies a modest 3 acres, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in difficulty. The average person takes 45 minutes to find their way out of the tiny corn jungle.

5. Davis Mega Maze | Sterling, MA

When: Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays starting September 22, plus Monday, October 9

How much: $19.95 for ages 13+ | $16.95 for ages 5–12 | free for children under 5

A mere corn maze isn't enough for the folks at Davis Farmland, who flank their 8 acres of corn with a three-story zipline, a pirate slide, a double-decker bridge, outdoor laser tag, a life-size chess games, volleyball, and even a corn crib (whatever that is). They keep the maze open after dark for flashlight games and even serve burgers and snacks at the halfway point.

6. Long and Scott Farms | Mount Dora, FL

When: Saturdays and Sundays, September 30–December 10, plus Wednesday, November 22 and Friday, November 24

How much: $12 for ages 4 and up | free for children under 4

The corn maze at Long and Scott Farms is impressive enough, but what sets this farm apart is something called a Confusion Tree Maze. More than 1,000 ligustrum trees form a meandering path that stays open throughout the year thanks to Florida's warm weather. But—lest we forget the crop that started it all—the trees are planted in the shape of an ear of corn.

7. Great Vermont Corn Maze | Danville, VT

When: Daily, from August 1 through mid-October

How much: $15 for ages 15–59 | $10 for ages 5–15 & ages 60+ | free for children under 5

"We do not recommend the maze for 90% of teenagers," reads a refreshingly stern warning on the Great Vermont Corn Maze website. That's because it takes a minimum of two hours to complete the puzzle, and people often continue to push their way through the corn up to five hours after they enter. The staff will jump in and start to help once closing time approaches, though they recommend arriving as early in the day as possible.

8. Sever's Corn Maze | Shakopee, MN

When: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, September 8–October 29, plus Thursday, October 19

How much: $15 for ages 4 and up | free for children under 3

The Sever corn maze is the second oldest corn maze in the United States and has been in the same family for four generations. Getting lost in the hand-cut labyrinth is fun in its own right, but those with a competitive nature can complete a scavenger hunt-type maze challenge for a chance to win a grand prize at the end of the season.

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