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The Best Weekend Bags for Your Next Getaway

Planning a weekend getaway is tough, but choosing the right bag doesn't have to be.

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Nothing makes the work week fly by quite like having a weekend getaway to look forward to. But prepping for a quick trip means having the perfect weekend bag ready to go. To help make things easy for you, we took a look at the three of the best weekend bags.


For a true quickie weekend getaway, you don't need to lug out your suitcase. With more and more airlines charging fees for even basic carry ons, packing all you need for an overnight or a casual long weekend in a backpack will save you a lot of hassle (and maybe even prevent you from overpacking).

Best for: Two- to three-day trips, camping trips, overnights
Packing tips: If you're flying, remember to either tuck your purse or laptop inside the backpack or leave it at home. Airlines that charge for carry ons only allow one personal item, so if you're wearing your purse, they can still make you pay a fee for the backpack.
High-end style: McKlein leather backpack (from $104.99)
Casual style: Outdoor hiking backpack (from $14.99)

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As if you couldn't guess, the weekender has made a name for itself (literally) as one of the top go-to weekend bags. They're super roomy with a stylish silhouette that's as at home in the overhead compartment as in the trunk of a car.

Best for: Three- to five-day trips, road trips
Packing tips: Invest in a set of packing cubes if you want to keep your stuff organized. The bag's soft, collapsible sides aren't always the best at holding things in place, especially if it's not filled to the brim.
High-end style: McKlein leather duffel bag (from $108.99)
Casual style: Lily Bloom wheeled duffel bag (from $49.99)

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Canvas weekender bag


The basic wheeled carry-on bag is the one that always comes to mind first when packing for a quick trip. They're sturdy, perfectly sized for airplane cabins, and chock full of handy built-in organizers, pockets, and dividers to keep everything you need for a trip out of town organized.

Best for: four- to 10-day trips, air travel
Packing tips: When thinking about how to pack for a weekend trip, you'll want to roll your clothes instead of folding them to save the most space. Also, be wary of expandable carry-ons—the feature can be incredibly handy (especially if you're bringing back souvenirs) but make sure it'll still fit in the overhead once expanded if you want to avoid those pesky baggage fees.
High-end style: Wrangler hardside carry-on luggage with USB port and cup holder (from $46.99)
Casual style: Verdi Hardside Spinner carry-on luggage (from $32.99)

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