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We Affirm That Black Lives Matter

Jun 12, 2020

It’s the duty of each employee, leader, and executive at Groupon not only to affirm the incontrovertible fact that Black Lives Matter. It’s our duty to educate ourselves about Black Lives Matter, to understand the call to action, and to act upon it.

It’s our duty to acknowledge how systemic racism, oppression, omission, and silencing have occurred—and continue to occur—within Groupon itself. Pushing back against those systems isn’t enough. It’s our duty to dismantle those systems. 

It’s our duty to listen to our Black employees, customers, and merchants. To amplify Black voices instead of speaking for them. To celebrate and—most importantly—to join in the work of our Black co-workers, merchants, friends, families, and members of our communities. It’s our duty to help them heal local communities, and create change around the world.

It’s not enough to act once. It’s not enough to act once in a while. It’s our duty to dedicate ourselves to the persistent action it takes to bring about change.


Initiatives Within Groupon

Groupon is launching new programs to put power into the hands of our employees of color, our minority-owned business partners, and people from diverse communities all over the world.

Listening & Learning

We want to be there in any way we can for the Black community and black-owned businesses. We’re asking our merchants and employees to tell us the best ways we can help. We need to listen first before we act.

Supporting Our Merchants

We are reaching out to our merchants and inviting them to partner with us for change. They’ve shared how they’ve been affected, specific kinds of engagement they’d like to see from Groupon, and ways they’re willing to lend their own expertise. Our Inclusion & Diversity team is currently expanding its work with minority-focused small business associations to connect our merchants with other financial and support services to aid in recovery efforts. Direct input from our merchants will drive Groupon’s efforts to rebuild our diverse communities and make them stronger than ever. 

Mobilizing Our Employees

We’re mobilizing our employees to get involved as an active force for change. Groupon teammates have stepped up to create more space for Black employees to make their voices heard, to share resources, to engage with our diverse communities, and to support one another through allyship. Our Inclusion & Diversity team continues to work across the organization to build a more empathetic global community. 


Social Media Initiative: #PassTheMic

The #PassTheMic social media effort transforms Groupon’s social media platform into an amplifier of prominent voices in Black communities. We’re partnering with leaders in Black communities and allies for change, and amplifying those voices to our audience of 22MM+ social-media followers. Do you know a voice for positive change that needs to be heard? Take the mic at

Featured Voice: Dr. Jewel Jackson

Dr. Jewel

Dr. Jewel is a passionate leader, artist, educator and advocate for the development of positive self-imaging and leadership in the African-American community.  In 2018, she earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the California State Polytechnical University. She plans to open a school for at-risk youth within the next five years.

She began studying the culture of her ancestors in 1990, and in 1998 she founded African Soul International, a non-profit Arts and Education organization whose mission is to preserve and present the rich history and culture of the African and African-American experience through the rhythms, songs, stories and movements that represent the dynamic legacies of resilience, strength and ingenuity of African people.

On June 22, Dr. Jewel took over Groupon’s social media accounts to talk about the current state of America and encourage all of us to use our creative voices to imagine and shape a new world. 

See What Dr. Jewel Jackson Posted During Her Takeover

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Featured Voice: Troy LaRaviere

Troy LaRaviere

Troy LaRaviere is a relentless advocate for public policies and investments aimed at realizing all human potential. He was the principal of Blaine Elementary, Chicago’s #1 ranked neighborhood school (2016), and Chicago’s most awarded principal (2013 - 2015). He is in his second term as President of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association; a post he was elected to in 2016.

Starting June 17, Troy LaRaviere took over Groupon’s social media accounts for three days to teach a tweet-by-tweet and post-by-post mini-course on Dismantling Racism, with the course culminating on Juneteenth. An excerpted version of his course is available through social media. This page features the complete course.

See What Troy LaRaviere Posted During His Takeover

Facebook Teaser; Day 1 Post 1 and Post 2; Day 2 Post 1 and Post 2; Day 3 Post 1 and Post 2
Instagram Teaser; Day 1 Post 1 and Post 2; Day 2 Post 1 and Post 2; Day 3 Post 1 and Post 2
Instagram Stories (coming soon)
Twitter Day 1 Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5; Day 2 Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5; Day 3 Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3, Thread 4, Thread 5

#PassTheMic with Troy LaRaviere: A Course on Dismantling Racism

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Featured Voice: Alexa Rae Caves

Alexa Rae Caves, business owner of Lexa Rae Beauty in Chicago

Alexa Rae Caves owns and operates her own business, LexaRae Beauty in Chicago. On June 9th 2020, Alexa took over Groupon’s social media to share how to talk to kids about race. “Growing up biracial, I felt at a very young age that I didn’t belong to any group or community. I went to a school with all white kids who picked on me for my big hair and brown skin. And I didn’t look like my Black cousins or kids in my neighborhood. […] Now, I have two biracial nieces and talking about race with them as they grow up will be a priority to me. I don’t want them to feel the way that I did.”

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Featured Voice: Clarkisha Kent

Clarkisha Kent

Clarkisha Kent is a Nigerian-American writer and cultural critic whose writing has been featured in AFROPUNK, Essence, and The Root. “My writing POV comes from the perspective of me being Black, Nigerian-American, fat, bisexual, and disabled (this latter one is something I am still coming to terms with).” On June 4th, 2020, Clarkisha took over Groupon’s social media to speak about the silencing and omission of Black women, and to amplify petitions and calls for justice.

See What Clarkisha Kent Posted During Her Takeover

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Ways to get educated and get involved.

Causes | PetitionsWays to Get Involved In Your Local CommunitiesEducational Resources


Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
Donate directly to the family of George Floyd.

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Breonna Taylor
Donate directly to the family of Breonna Taylor.

The Official Peace and Healing for Darnella Frazier Fund

The Official Peace and Healing for Darnella Frazier Fund
Donate to the woman who filmed George Floyd’s death.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
Fighting to end white supremacy, build power in local Black communities, and establish freedom, liberation, and justice all over the world.

Black Visions Collective

Black Vision Collective
A Black, Trans, and Queer-lead organization committed to dismantling systems of oppression and violence, and shifting the public narrative to create transformative, long-term change.


The ACLU has been at the center of nearly every major civil liberties battle in the U.S. for over 100 years.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

NAACP Legal Defense Fund
America’s premier legal organization fighting for civil rights and racial justice for the past 75 years.

Center for Racial Justice

Center for Racial Justice
Trains and empowers educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in our schools and communities.

Campaign Zero

Campaign Zero
Uses research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America.

National Urban League

National Urban League
A historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, equality, and social justice.

Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves
Uses lessons of history to challenge teachers and their students to stand up to bigotry and hate.

Equal Justice Initiative

Equal Justice Initiative
Focuses on ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States and protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.


National Bail Fund Network
A collection of community resources for protestors around the country.




Justice for George Floyd
Demand justice from Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and DA Mike Freeman.


Justice for Breonna Taylor
Demand justice from the Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, and Attorney General Daniel Cameron.


Justice for Ahmuad Arbery
Demand justice from the Glynn County Police and Georgia Bureau of Investigations.


Justice for Tony McDade
Demand Justice from the Tallahassee Police Department.


Ways to Get Involved In Your Local Communities


Amnesty International
Quick, shareable guide for how to stay safe while protesting.


Local Bail Funds Across the Country
A comprehensive list verified by the National Bail Fund Network.


Register to Vote
Learn how to register and vote, and deadlines for registration.


Elections Calendar
Learn election dates and deadlines and familiarize yourself with the ballot for upcoming elections wherever you live.


Ways to Help If You Are Not Able to Protest
Ways to get involved for those who aren’t able to be on the frontline.


Find Volunteer Opportunities in Your Community
Connect with nonprofits in your community.


Educational Resources


75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
An actively updated list of actions and resources.


Invisibilia: The Culture Inside
NPR Podcast that examines the Implicit Association Test, a widely available psychological test that popularized the notion of implicit bias.


Fairground Assets
A crowdsourced database of resources related to diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice from Arusha Consulting, a Groupon Inclusion & Diversity partner


These Books Can Help You Explain Racism and Protest to Your Kids
List of antiracism books from the New York Times


This List Of Books, Films And Podcasts About Racism Is A Start, Not A Panacea
List of antiracist media to help illuminate “how racism permeates everything” from NPR


The organizations and resources presented on this page are not affiliated or in partnership with Groupon, unless noted.