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Guide to Botox Injections for the Face

BY: Editors | Jun 10, 2016

Guide to Botox Injections for the Face

Maybe you know the basics about Botox injections, that they’re designed to smooth wrinkles by paralyzing facial muscles. But do you know what areas they treat? How many units of Botox for crow’s feet? Do you know how long it takes for Botox to work? Check out our illustrated guide to answer all of your questions before you go under the needle.

Treatment areas for the face

Botox has been approved by the FDA to smooth moderate to severe crow’s-feet by the eyes (also known as lateral canthal lines) and frown lines on the forehead between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). These wrinkles form over time from a combination of factors, including sun damage, loss of fat, reduced elasticity, and repetitive facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.

Guide to Botox Injections for the Face Botox Treatment Areas

Botox injection sites

Doctors don’t just inject Botox into the forehead or next to the eyes wherever they see wrinkles. Instead, they have very specific sites where they insert the needle into the skin—three spots around the eyes and five spots on the forehead. They have to take care to avoid the muscle that opens the upper eyelid (levator palpebrae superioris), because Botox will cause the eyelid to droop.

Guide to Botox Injections for the Face Injection Sites

How many units of Botox are needed for frown lines and crow’s-feet?

To smooth frown lines, the manufacturer of Botox recommends that doctors inject 20 units total (four units into each of the five injection sites). To smooth crow’s-feet, the manufacturer recommends that doctors inject 12 units per side of the face (24 total units). So to treat both frown lines and crow’s-feet, 44 total units are needed. However, doctors may need to inject more units to treat deeper lines or tougher skin. Women generally need fewer units than men.

 Guide to Botox Injections for the Face Number of Units

How long does it take for Botox to work?

Botox starts working fairly quickly, and patients can see some improvement in about a day or two, with wrinkles continuing to smooth out over the course of the week. Optimal results are generally seen after 30 days and results last about four months.

Guide to Botox Injections for the Face How Long Does It Take?

Infographic by Greyory Blake and Colleen Loggins, Groupon. Information on injection sites, recommended number of units, and expected results comes from the manufacturer's website.

Botox before and after video

Now that we've laid out the basics of Botox injections, it's time to see what the treatment actually looks like. We sent a staffer to a medical expert to get not only the lowdown on this anti-aging service, but also to get the injections herself. Learn what else you should know about Botox before making your own appointment:

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