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16 Cheap Date Ideas for the Budget-Conscious Couple

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If you're trying to impress your significant other, you might want date night to include a fancy upscale dinner, front-row seats to the opera, or a horse-drawn carriage ride. But let's face it: we often can't afford such luxurious touches. Luckily, you can have a delightful evening and save a little money with these fun cheap date ideas.


Go to a Beer Tasting

With microbreweries popping up everywhere, your date will love a beer tasting as long as they like anything between a fruity radler and a potent imperial stout.


Take a Winery Tour

Some say wine is an aphrodisiac, and while we couldn't find any scientific proof of that, there are few things more relaxing than savoring a robust glass of wine.


Share Some Tapas

If you've never tried Spanish tapas, go explore a new cuisine together. You're missing out on patatas bravas and chicken croquettes.


Try Fondue

One of many cute cheap date night ideas, fondue restaurants make dining feel more interactive and intimate. And finishing the evening with strawberries chocolate fondue seems especially romantic.


Take a Cooking Class

Want a tip? Find out your partner's favorite kind of dish—maybe it's French desserts or homemade pasta—and choose a class based around that.


Rent a Bike and Go for a Picnic

If you want go above and beyond, rent a tandem bicycle. But even a classic bike ride followed up with a carefree meal in the park is one of life's best cheap date night ideas.


Relax at a Yoga Class

If dates are invariable stressful for you or your loved one, try a yoga class. A recent blog post from the Mayo Clinic noted that yoga could "enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being."


Go Ice Skating

Nothing says "I love you" like being willing to wipe out on a hard, icy surface right in front of your significant other. Or, alternatively, you could try the roller rink


Take a Kayaking Trip

You and your date can escape the congestion of a city by paddling through some nearby waterways. Or explore what's below the seas by snorkeling instead.


Get a Couples Massage

Maybe the best date for an active couple be completely inactive, and let massage therapists knead out any sore muscles or joints.


Rock Out at a Concert

If you want to save extra money, go with a tribute band, who won't have any problem playing the hits. But maybe save moshing for the third date.


Visit a New Museum

You've probably been to your city's main art museum. But what about its planetarium, its aquarium, or its kooky car museum?


Conquer an Escape Room

Working together as a team can only make your relationship stronger (assuming you're able to escape).


Catch a Comedy Show

Studies show that people with a strong sense of humor have above-average intelligence. If they laugh a lot, they're a keeper.


Do Some Sightseeing

A walking, bus, Segway, or boat tour is the ideal way to learn about your city's history, architecture, and more. To get your heart racing a little, choose a ghost tour.


Head to the Movies

It's hard to top a dinner and a movie. But we recommend picking up a Groupon so you can save some cash for popcorn.

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