How to Live Dust-Mite-Free in Chicago

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 14, 2015
How to Live Dust-Mite-Free in Chicago

Many Chicago cleaning services clear your home of more than just dirt. They also clear away unwanted roommates—namely the one you didn’t know you had. Meet the dust mite, a teeny-tiny creature common in nearly every home. These pests can present some problems, though regular house cleaning or professional maid services can help keep them in check. Read on for more about the mites most people unwittingly cohabitate with.

What do mites look like?

Each mite measures about 1/80th of an inch, so they’re invisible to the naked eye. Under a microscope, though, they look prehistoric: their eight legs are equipped with suckers and hooks, and their thick bodies seem to be covered in armored plates. In fact, fossil evidence suggests that mites have been on Earth for 400 million years, predating dinosaurs by more than 100 million years.

Where are they right now?

Mites love the three D’s: damp, dark, and dusty. That means they’re most likely in your carpets, duvets, and pillowcases.

Is there an upside to mites?

Our relationship with mites is symbiotic. They literally eat our dust, which is made up of our dead skin cells; in return, we make it easy for them to find food. Each of us sheds roughly 1.5 million skin flakes per hour, a veritable mite buffet.

So are mites our friends?

No. They’re not exactly evil, but they do pose a health threat, especially to children. Their droppings can trigger asthmatic reactions in those with mite allergies, and their terrifying appearance can give any kid with a microscope a new reason to fear the boogeyman under the bed.

Can we get rid of mites?

Luckily, regular cleaning can keep your personal mite collection under control. Here are a few cleaning services in Chicago ready to help de-dust your home: