Chicago’s Top 5 Most Instagram Worthy Dishes

BY: Caitlin Lee |Jan 8, 2015
Chicago’s Top 5 Most Instagram Worthy Dishes

Blue Door:  
For the artsy, or wannabe (we won't judge), foodie. The rustic atmosphere mixed with drinks served in mason jars equals pure Instagram perfection. The apple pie & bacon grilled cheese is just as drool enabling as it is picture perfect.

Homeslice Wheel House:  
It's like Homeslice is asking, rather begging, you to take an Instgram there. The Chicago banner backdrop practically screams for you to hold up your pizza & take a snap in front of the sign. If you're able to hold off that long before devouring your food, that is.

If you're as indecisive as we are then say hello to the Tour de France at Yolk. The "french toast flight" of banana nut, sweet orange, & lemon poppyseed all topped with vibrant fruit & sauces is sure break your record likes.

Au Cheval:  
How could this NOT be on the list? The single burgers are doubles and the doubles triple, so you know you're in for a great Insta already. Layered on top of the massive open face buns & patties lie ham and cheese fondue topped with a fried egg.

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits:  
Gingham napkins & colorful pastries make Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits such an Instagram natural you'd think the Logan Square bakery was meant for it. Delicious treats that will make your followers want what you're having.