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Yoga’s Holistic Approach and Customizable Practice

BY: Editors | Feb 23, 2016

Yoga’s Holistic Approach and Customizable Practice

Few fitness disciplines meld relaxation and strength-building like yoga, and yoga classes in Cleveland, Ohio, are no exception. Cleveland yoga studios demonstrate the incredible diversity of the practice, considering classes focus on everything from sweaty, tolerance-testing hot yoga to quick-flowing vinyasa yoga to “laughter yoga,” which combines yogic breathing with deliberate laughter to ease stress.

One of yoga’s greatest virtues is its adaptability: props make classes accessible to older students, and prenatal classes teach pregnant women poses that take into account their extra-stretchy ligaments and tendency toward lower-back pain.

As wildly diverse as the yoga practice can be, the unifying aspect is a focus on mind, body, and breath—no matter if you’re in a hot yoga or a prenatal class—as practitioners use motion to guide the thoughts toward peaceful awareness and away from the funny-looking dog walking past the studio window.

Below are a few Cleveland yoga studios that exemplify the discipline’s diversity while staying mindful of its roots.

Puma Yoga | Lakewood

All students are welcome at Puma Yoga’s noncompetitive studio, which was founded on the belief that the transformative benefits of yoga should be shared with everyone, regardless of gender, age, or religion. Students can find classes that range from a relaxing flow to power yoga, as well as private sessions and workshops.

The Studio Cleveland | The Flats

A holistic wellness center, The Studio Cleveland offers guided meditation classes, massage therapy, and an infrared sauna in addition to restorative yoga sessions that focus on whole-body wellness. Considering that historically, strength and flexibility were probably just side benefits to yoga, The Studio’s holistic haven is in a way a nod to the first Indian yogis to arrive to the US—they explicitly rejected asanas, or postures, as a distraction from meditation.

Prana Bodhi | Lakewood

Led by certified Bikram-yoga instructor and the co-owner of Prana Active, Jaclyn Hoffman, classes here take place in a studio heated to 105 degrees. The 90-minute sessions guide students through a series of flowing poses that boost blood circulation and flexibility for a tranquil sweat session.