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16 Coconut Oil Uses You Might Not Have Heard Of

BY: Editors | Apr 27, 2017

As useful as WD40 and much more edible, coconut oil is a powerhouse. In fact, just one jar of the stuff can replace several household staples, from kitchen ingredients to baby wipes. To prove just how versatile it is, we've outlined 16 coconut oil uses—many of which you've probably never thought of.

1. As a coffee or tea replacement

Increased energy is just one of the purported benefits of coconut oil. Swallowing a spoonful or two in the afternoon can be a healthful alternative to a cuppa.

2. Or, as a coffee creamer

Emulsified and poured into coffee, it's much tastier than (and probably just as nutritious as) that butter coffee stuff.

3. Instead of EVOO (when sautéing)

Although coconut oil has a low smoke point when compared to, say, avocado or canola oil, it has a higher smoke point than extra-virgin olive oil, making it great for cooking at higher temperatures on the stove top. Try swapping it in when making stir-fries, scrambled eggs, or pancakes, especially if you like a very mild coconut flavor.

4. In place of oil (when baking)

The oil imparts a delicious je ne sais quoi to baked goods, even boxed ones. Use it to give from-the-box brownies an upgrade, and you'll dream about them for days.

5. As a condiment

Drop it into quinoa or oatmeal for added nutrients and healthy fats. Or add a dollop on top of sweet potatoes instead of butter!

6. As an effective moisturizer

Yes, you can use coconut oil for skin—it works on your body and your face. The lightweight oil absorbs quickly, leaving behind dewy skin that smells faintly of a tropical island. And because it has a natural SPF of 4, it offers a bit of protection from UV rays, too.

7. To condition and de-frizz hair

One of our favorite coconut oil uses? Rub a small amount between your hands and run through hair for a natural leave-in conditioner, or smooth it over frizzy sections to control flyaways.

8. As a coconutty lip balm

It soothes lips and tastes delicious. Just make sure you put Vaseline on top to lock in moisture.

9. As eye-makeup remover

Rub it between your fingers until it liquefies, smear it on your lids, and wipe it and your smudge-proof eyeliner and waterproof mascara off with a cotton pad.

10. To wash your face

There's virtually nothing gentler than coconut oil for skin, and it won't dry your face out like soap. Add a little water and rub it in your hands until it foams.

11. As a hand and foot cream

Massage it into cracked knuckles, or slather it onto your soles and stick them into socks for an overnight soak that will leave skin soft in the morning.

12. Or shaving cream

It'll give you a smooth shave, plus additional moisture for your skin. Plus, it contains no perfumes or chemicals, which means it's unlikely to irritate.

13. As a salve for small scrapes and cuts

Coconut oil boasts antimicrobial properties, so dab a little on your skin before applying a bandage. Additionally, the oil helps keep the wound moist, which may encourage it to heal faster and prevent scarring.

14. To soothe itchy skin

Coconut oil reduces itching from bug bites, and helps to calm sunburn, eczema, and cradle cap.

15. In place of diaper cream

A layer on baby's bottom guards against (and soothes) diaper-rash flare-ups.

16. As a replacement for baby wipes (yes, really)

We know this might be one of the craziest sounding coconut oil uses, but hear us out! Simply mix the coconut oil with hot water and pour it over a stack of paper towels that you've cut in half. Keep the towels in an airtight container so they stay moist.

BY: Editors