12 Photos of Adorable Dogs Wearing Cute Clothes

BY: Shannon Grilli |Feb 15, 2018

Everybody has bad days. But here at the Guide, we all know that nothing helps brighten the darkest of dark days quite like looking at photos of cute dogs wearing clothes. And, lucky for us (and for you too, really), our Goods inventory features plenty of photos of adorable pooches modeling the very best dog clothes available on our site. Below, we gathered 12 of our favorite dog outfits and are challenging you to scroll through to the bottom without smiling.

1. Gray Hoodie

If your dog likes to snuggle on top of your favorite sweatshirt, he'll love getting to wear one of his very own.

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2. Cable Knit Sweater

For the dog that wants to impress at the club.

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3. Neoprene Life Jacket

Safety-conscious AND stylish.

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4. Rain Jacket

A little rain never hurt anybody.

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5. Anorak Puffer

It takes a true sense of confidence and style to successfully pull off a puffer coat and a fur coat at the same time.

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6. Chiffon Polka Dotted Skirt

Functional, yet feminine.

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7. Blue Denim Jeans 

Presented without comment.

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8. Soft and Warm Bee Costume

Heart... melting.

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9. Plaid Shirt

We were about to comment on this pup's adorable plaid shirt, but then we noticed that he's ALSO WEARING LACE-UP SNEAKERS.

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10. Sassy T-Shirt

Consider your mail carrier warned.

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11. Basketball Jersey

Everybody needs a lucky game-day outfit.

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12. Navy Stripe T-Shirt 

OK, whose turn is it to swab the poop deck?

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