A Brief Course in Pasta Shapes, Courtesy of Italian Restaurants in Denver

BY: Groupon Guide |Jul 14, 2015
A Brief Course in Pasta Shapes, Courtesy of Italian Restaurants in Denver

If you’re a pasta lover roaming the Mile-High City, you’re in luck because there are plenty of Denver Italian restaurants making and serving their own pasta. Here, we outline a few popular noodle shapes and point you to restaurants in Denver that serve their own expertly sauced spin on them.


The Pasta: Rigatoni is a wide tubular noodle that often takes on a curved shape and sports tiny exterior ridges that help ensnare more sauce. 

The Dish: Locanda Del Borgo’s hand-rolled rigatoni is topped with a slow-braised meat sauce in its classic alla bolognese pasta dinner.


The Pasta: Also known as a shell for its conch-like appearance, conchiglie holds chunky sauces particularly well within its cozy interior. 

The Dish: Il Fornaio’s conchiglie al pollo features the restaurant’s housemade pasta alongside chicken breast and broccoli with roasted garlic and trebbiano wine. The meal is finished off with sun-dried tomatoes and pecorino cheese.


The Pasta: Long, flat pappardelle ribbons, which may have rippled edges, provide a substantial base for meals, which is why they are generally served with hearty sauces. 

The Dish: Chef Scott Hybenneth of Angelo’s Taverna perfected the restaurant’s well-known pappardelle bolognese while studying in Italy.


The Pasta: As Chef Chloe Coscarelli explained to the The Guide, “Gnocchi are tiny pillow dumplings.” They are most commonly made from potatoes, but can be made with similar ingredients, such as semolina, wheat flour, and eggs. 

The Dish: Just outside the city, Undici Ristorante’s menu of pasta dishes includes gnocchi al sugo. The housemade potato gnocchi is topped with savory veal sauce and fresh porcini mushrooms.