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Dorm Room Ideas that Make College Life a Breeze

No—a college degree isn’t a flimsy piece of paper that tells everyone you’re well-learned in a particular field. It’s hard evidence that you have the grit, resourcefulness, and insatiable appetite for fruit snacks needed to survive a college dorm.

But even the bravest of survivalists could benefit from ideas to make the close quarters of their dorm room feel, well, not so close. Which is why we’ve created the following college checklist, so that your child, too, can thrive in an environment where bathrooms are communal and ramen noodles are currency.


Mini Fridge

Space is limited, so it’s probably best to share one with a roommate, but a small refrigerator is a must-have for midnight snack cravings. Brains need fuel, after all.



Along with a fridge, a microwave can help avoid trips to the dorm vending machine. It’s a good idea to check first, though, to make sure the residence hall allows students to have one.


Comforter Set

Sleep is important, especially for students who have to wake up bright and early to get to the cafeteria in time for breakfast. And since the beds are likely the most prominent pieces in the room, the dorm bedding will set the tone for the rest of the space.


Foldable Storage Cubes

There’s only so much floor space for dirty laundry. These under-the-bed storage bins can help neatly stow away all of your kid’s stuff so the floors can be reserved for walking. Check out our article on closet reorganization for more ideas on how to best use closet space.



When the need for an all-nighter arises, a USB-port lamp allows students to hit the books without disturbing their sleeping roommate.


Portable Shower Caddy

A shower caddy makes walking to and from the communal bathroom less of a hassle by keeping shampoo, shower gel, and other bath products in an easy-to-carry container.


Trash Can

Each roommate should have their own trash can so they’ll be responsible for their own garbage. Plus, they can use it to practice their jump shot from across the room.



This might be the most necessary tool for dorm room survival. Not only is a laptop essential for studying and note-taking, but also for streaming movies, playing games, checking social media pages, and hopefully emailing home.


Portable Bean Bag Toss Game

Also known are “cornhole,” the bean bag toss game is easy to set up in the hallway or outside, and is one of America’s greatest pastimes.


wireless speaker

A Bluetooth speaker wirelessly connects to a laptop, smartphone, or any other enabled audio source, making it easy to listen to favorite playlists while studying in the student center or enjoying the sunshine in the quad.

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