Electric Shaver Buying Guide

BY: Groupon Editors |Jul 28, 2017

For such a mundane health and beauty regimen, shaving can become daunting when you're considering switching from an old-school razor to an electric shaver. Just browsing electric razors raises a bunch of questions. Do you go for foil or rotary? Will you get just as close of a shave as you did with your old blades? What features make up the best electric shaver for women? What about those for guys? Let our electric shaver guide navigate you through these questions and others as you shop for the next tool in your shaving arsenal.

The Differences Between Foil Shavers and Rotary Shavers

Men's and women's shavers come in just two types: foil and rotary. Each has a distinct cutting style and recommended uses. But what are the differences between the two? Take a look at the below table to help you parse them out.

  Foil Shavers Rotary Shavers
How They Cut A thin, mesh-like metal strip snags individual hairs, which are snipped by the blades underneath. Rotating blades spin behind three to five heads that usually pivot independently to stay close to the skin.
Special Types Flexing foil shavers bend to keep their heads in consistently close contact with the skin. Some rotary models feature a flexing neck that elevates the blade heads and makes it easier to transition from one body part to another.
How to Use It Fot the best shave with a foil razor, stick with up-and-down motions, like you would with a traditional razor. You'll need to use a circular motion with these, which can take some adjustment if you're used to the straight-line technique of a blade. 

How Much Electric Shavers Cost

Since electric shavers can come with any number of optional features and add-ons, pinning down a precise dollar amount you can expect to pay for one is tough. Most models cost somewhere between $35 and $70, with the upper-echelon models being $110 or more. That might sound like a lot, but when you consider electric shavers' convenience and ease of use, it helps make up for it. And even better news: our site's electric-shaver inventory is frequently packed with deals that are 50% off or more.

Three Things to Look for in Men's Electric Razors

1. Find something with a pop-up trimmer.

This is especially important if you maintain finely trimmed facial hair, as this feature's smaller blades make it one easier to shave clean, straight lines. Shop for one now with this Panasonic three-blade cordless razor for $45.99.

2. Opt for rotary blades to better handle beard and neck hair.

These models' heads have a more open design, which makes it easier for longer hairs to meet the blades. This also means that if you've got thicker or more curly hair, you're probably better off with a rotary shaver. Shop for one now with this waterproof, rechargeable shaver with three rotary heads for $29.99.

3. Consider a self-cleaning model.

If you shave relatively frequently, you'll soon find out that cleaning your electric shaver that often can be a pain. Some models (they're more expensive, FYI) include docking stations that'll automatically clean your shaver's head while charging its battery. Shop for one now with this Braun 3 Series model with a charging and cleaning base for $83.99.

Three Things to Look for in Women's Electric Razors

1. Go for a foil shaver.

Most electric shavers for women are foil anyway, but still, you're better off being sure you go with one of these. The holes in these shavers' mesh strips are better at picking up fine hair, and they typically deliver a smoother, closer shave. Shop for one now with this waterproof, rechargeable foil shaver for $23.99.

2. Make sure it's wet-use approved.

If you want to still be able to shave your legs while in the shower, be sure your new electric razor is designed for it. Not every shaver can be submerged or even splashed with water unless they're specifically made to withstand it, so double-check the packaging or item description. Shop for one now with this Philips wet/dry electric cordless shaver for $39.50.

3. Check which parts of the body it's made for.

Some women's electric shavers are designed specifically for the legs. Others are made for the underarms. Still others are only supposed to be used for sensitive areas like the bikini line. All this is to say: only use a shaver for the parts of the body it's made for. This helps avoid nasty irritation. Shop for one now with this Conair women's bikini-line trimmer for $16.99.


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