How to Assemble the Best Escape Room Team

BY: Editorial Staff |May 29, 2018

After my first escape room game, I was hooked. Finally, I found a way to utilize those years of acquired investigative skills from Nancy Drew. And yet, you are only as good as your team. Tackling an escape room without any screaming or hurt feelings requires assembling a harmonious blend of personalities. Will you win? That's up to you. But here's some guidance on the types of team members you'll need to cover the most ground.

The Director

Character traits: natural leader, easily commands a crowd, quick on their feet

What role to assign them: assigning all the other team members tasks

Potential downfall: becomes bossier as time runs out

Someone has to take charge. Every team needs the person that is organized, methodical, and isn't afraid to give directions. Maybe they're an escape room veteran. Maybe they were captain of their soccer team. Maybe they're just a control freak. Find your fearless leader. Who bought the escape room Groupon? I'd start with them.

The Observer

Character traits: self-aware, perhaps a bit sneaky, has a good eye

What role to assign them: clue finder

Potential downfall: forgets to verbalize findings

Some call them nosy, but they prefer the term "curious." A team member who is extremely aware of his or her surroundings is essential in an escape room, where there's a lot to uncover. Give them the job of discovering clues and puzzles to then pass along to the solver.

The Solver

Character traits: good with their hands, loves games, up for a challenge

What role to assign them: solving puzzles and figuring how to utilize found clues

Potential downfall: frustration if they can't crack a code

You know that friend who never really turns it off? Sometimes their competitive nature makes you want to "forget" to invite them to game night, but at the end of the day, they know how to win. Hand them any puzzle in an escape room, and you know they're not going to stop until it's solved.

The Negotiator

Character traits: helpful, calm under pressure, loves to chat

What role to assign them: walkie-talkie handler

Potential downfall: talkative, often during the wrong times

The smooth talkers. Those people who want to be in on the fun but don't want to have to do too much work. It's a game, after all. The negotiator is the one ready to call out and ask for clues. It's inevitable for people to get stuck in an escape room, and they're the one to ask for a helpful nudge in the right direction.

The Helper

Character traits: easy going, gets along with everyone, takes direction well

What role to assign them: an aid for anyone who needs a hand

Potential downfall: loss of interest

Everyone has that friend who is always around. They consider themselves the kind of person who is down for whatever. You probably texted them that morning after someone else bailed and left you a player short. "Sure," they said, "I'm down for whatever."



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