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Watch Our Eyebrow Tutorial to Get a Brow Makeover at Home

BY: Editors | Jul 25, 2017

There's no doubt that the beauty world loves a good brow. In fact, if you didn't know too much about that world, you might be surprised to learn there are dozens of services and products dedicated solely to brows. For example, there's microblading for when you have sparse brows and need a long-lasting way to fill them in. And there's eyebrow waxing and threading for when you need to remove errant hairs. There are even eyebrow extensions. But what do you do when you want to do a brow makeover at home? Watch an eyebrow tutorial.

We asked brow guru Kayla Parks to give Groupon beauty blogger Favin a total brow makeover that can be re-created at home. Kayla is the national trainer for Chella, a skincare company focused on eyebrow and eyelash maintenance. At a typical beauty trade show, there's a two-hour wait for a session with Kayla and her team of 16 artists. "I don't even want to think about how many brows I've done," she says.

Kayla seems to be worth the wait, though. Favin says that after watching Kayla tweeze away hairs and fill in sparse areas on others, "I was stunned by the difference an expert brow artist can make. I couldn't wait to have my brows done, too!"

Watch the tutorial below to see Kayla work her magic on Favin and learn how to do your brows yourself.

Kayla's Step-by-Step Eyebrow Tutorial:


The 7 Necessary Eyebrow-Makeover Supplies:

1. Eyebrow Razor

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Because this tiny razor gets rid of both stray brow hairs and peach fuzz, you can use it anywhere on your face. Kayla personally believes that it's a better, gentler alternative to waxing or threading, both of which involve pulling your skin. Dudes might find the razor helpful for detail work, too. "Guys love [the razor]," Kayla says, "because they cry whenever they get waxed, threaded, or tweezed."

2. Scissors

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After using a comb or spoolie to brush the hairs in the direction they naturally grow in, trim any long hairs. That means that you should only trim the hairs that are sticking noticeably farther up or down than the others. If there's any doubt, leave them alone or risk taking a chunk out.

3. Tweezers

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You don't have to tweeze until after you've filled your brow. That way, you can see where the outlying hairs are and remove them more efficiently.

Another tip: when you're tweezing your brows, be mindful of your nose. "We have a nerve right here in our brow that triggers us to sneeze," Kayla notes.

4. Eyebrow Stencils

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Don't stress about picking out the right eyebrow stencil. Stencils are a guideline, not a template for perfection, and you'll never get both brows to look identical. As Kayla—and pretty much every eyebrow person ever—says: "brows are sisters, not twins."

Also, don't forget that to use the stencil on the other brow, you just flip it over. Kayla says that it's common for people buying a stencil to call her and say that they only got one, instead of two. "It happens all the time."

5. Brow Pencils

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Blending two shades gives eyebrows more of a natural look. "I always use two colors, because nobody has one color in their hair." Kayla says. Kayla recommends alternating between your brows as you fill, i.e., doing both of your arches right in a row, both of your tails in a row, etc. "That way, you can get a little more even." (Kayla does one whole brow after the other, though, because she's a pro.)

6. Eyebrow-Defining Gel

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You may think you don't need a pencil and a gel, but a gel is what holds everything together. Grab a clear gel if you don't want to add anymore color but do want to keep everything in place. A gel is especially good if you're the type of person who rubs their face a lot.

7. Nonshimmer Cream Highlighter

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Highlighting around your brows polishes the look and really makes your brows pop. "It's so important, and so many people skip it," Kayla says.

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A Couple Optional Supplies:

Oil cleanser

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Apply to brows to remove any makeup, oil, and sunscreen and start your brow makeover with a clean canvas.

Undereye masks

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If you really want to go all-out, pop on some undereye masks before your brow makeover. These masks help keep the focus on your brows and away from fine lines and dry patches under the eyes.