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How Microblading Gave One Customer Great Brows

BY: Colleen Loggins Loster | Sep 27, 2020

Photographer Klara Hopkins after her microblading treatment

Eyebrows have become one of the most lusted after facial features. But not everyone was born with the perfect, full arch, and others are still recovering from the days of over-tweezing. Luckily, microblading can give you the bold brows of your dreams. Learn about this, dare we say, miracle trend and where to score an affordable deal near you.


What is microblading, Exactly?

Microblading is a tattoo-like semipermanent makeup treatment that fills in your eyebrows. It can also be used to create eyebrows where very little hair exists. It etches fake brow hairs into the skin using ink and a tiny cluster of needles in the shape of a blade. Unlike a tattoo, microblading only lasts about two years before it needs to be touched up.     

What happens during a microblading appointment?

Creating a Blueprint

Patience Cline headed into Die Gorgeous in Atlanta feeling "very nervous, but also excited! I have tattoos so the idea of them being a kind of tattoo didn't make me nervous. It was more of not knowing how they were going to turn out," she said.

Before any needle-action happened, Patience sat down with technician and makeup artist Adora Tokyo—whose resume lists such impressive clients as Gucci, Mark Cuban, and several Bravo Housewives. Adora needed to create a blueprint to follow during the actual procedure, so she measured Patience's brows and drew an outline.

"She let me look and decide the final shape. I didn't change the shape she drew, though. It was exactly what I wanted!" Patience says, calling the blueprint brows "the perfect shape for my face."

Applying a Numbing Agent

To make sure the needles didn't feel too intolerable, Adora applied a numbing agent to Patience's brow area. About 25 minutes later, the area was numbed and Adora got to work.

Tattooing Brow Hairs

For the treatment, Adora used a handheld microblading tool. She dipped the tool into a pot of brown ink, then pressed the needle cluster into the brow area to etch faux brow hairs into the skin. Adora worked for about an hour, and Patience kept her eyes closed the entire time.

Watch our microblading video to see more of the process and understand what to expect during the procedure:


Patience may have a higher pain tolerance due to her tattoos, but she says that her appointment wasn't painful. "I felt a little discomfort," she clarifies, "but no pain." Oftentimes, people feel a bit weirded out by the scratching sound the needles make, but they generally don't think it hurts.



The cost of microblanding eyebrows is pricey—most studios charge between $700 and $800 per treatment (but our deals can bring costs down to about $199). Luckily, it’s worth the price tag. You may need a touch up here or there, but each morning you’ll wake up with thick and full brows, without having to put any work in yourself.



It's imperative to keep the new brows away from all moisture, which means you can't wash your face with water and have to instead use something like micellar water and cotton balls to clean your skin. It also means getting creative in the shower.

"Making sure my eyebrows didn't get wet for a week was harder than I thought it would be," Patience admits.

Plus, like some clients, Patience experienced itching while her brows healed, something Vaseline or a thick moisturizer can help with. Overall, though, she says the recovery process "went by pretty fast."



Pictured: Klara Hopkins before and after microblading



Patience couldn't be happier with her thicker, darker eyebrows. "I am so excited about them! They turned out better than I imagined they would!" she gushes. And her grooming routine is now significantly easier. "I haven't plucked or waxed since, and I haven't filled them in either. They look thicker and filled in without having to do them now!" she says.

So will she get microblading again? Most clients require a touchup about 4–12 weeks after the initial appointment, and then after that, they might come in for a more extensive retouch after about a year and a half. Patience says that she will "absolutely" get the treatment again. "I will keep up with them for years and years to come. I am so pleased!"

Images by Klara Hopkins Photography



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