Cool Fall Nail Colors & Designs to Try in 2019

BY: Colleen Loggins |Oct 21, 2019

Because of fall's often unseasonably warm temperatures, it can be hard to get on board with the season's aesthetic—layers, tights, moto jackets, and boots. Sure, you want to bust out your flannel shirt, but it's 75 degrees today, and you don't particularly relish blow-drying your pits in the office bathroom. That's why fall nail colors and designs are so great. They let you embrace fall's aesthetic even on the warmest days.

To inspire you this season, we rounded up some of our favorite fall nail colors and designs on Instagram. Get ready to look cozier than a Pinterest board dedicated to the concept of hygge.

Cozy Plaids


The only way these fingers could be more fall is if they were clutching a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Nails like this are the perfect sweater-weather look, plus, they're a fresh update on the tan, black, and red Burberry-esque pattern everyone seems to do.

Vampy Stilettos


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When you hear the words "press-on nails," you probably think of cheap plastic rectangles from the drugstore. But these fierce stiletto press-ons wouldn't be caught dead in the drugstore aisle. With their dark colors, 3D chains, and claw-like shape, they're more suitable for a dungeon lair. Or the boardroom of an evil corporation.

Red-Hot Rorschach


The Look: The design on these nails is almost Rorschach-like. Do you see a roaring fire? Scattered rose petals? Deep-red autumn leaves? No matter what you see, there's no doubt this design look great in the fall, especially when paired with the perfect nail shape for the season—coffin.

Berry Boudoir


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At first glance, this polish seems like one of the more traditional fall colors for nails. But closer inspection reveals it to be a moodier red with hints of mocha. It's great when you're feeling pensive about the looming seasonal darkness, yet want something less angsty than black.

Natural Harvest


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There's no doubt that neutral nails exude elegance. After all, they basically look like a shinier, better version of a natural nail and, thus, go with everything. But nails that are uninterested in standing out can be a bit boring. That's why this manicure is so great. It upgrades a neutral polish with a couple of delicate black-leaf outlines on each hand.

A Little Camp


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These nails have the same vibe as the tiny tattoos for girls that are so popular on Instagram, but none of the commitment. And the simple black camping symbols on a snowy-white background make the overall design look fresh and cute, instead of, ahem, too campy.

Glittering Autumn


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Whereas the previous two looks were a subtle nod to the season, this is an in-your-face, unapologetic homage to fall and its gorgeous imagery. And yet, the design manages to look cool instead of cheesy. That's due to three factors: the short, square shape of the nails, the dreamy colors, and the use of negative space.

Goths at the Beach


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The look: "a goth makes the mistake of wandering outside in warm weather." The Instagrammer, cannyclawsbylucy, made these sassy press-ons back in May, but they work just as well for fall, especially during the transition from warm to cool weather.

Reverse Ombre


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If you love black nails for fall yet want to try something a little different, these softer ombre nails are the way to go. Unlike the majority of ombre nails, they start out darker at the tips and get lighter toward the cuticle—something that makes them stand out from their fellow gradient nails.

Marble Accents


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The muted lavender and gray polishes here look like they'd fit in well with an overcast fall day. Nail polish colors like this are on trend, as are marble nails and 3D nail accents. Basically, these nails are as trendy as cross-stitch of a succulent plant.