5 Kids Activities That You’ll Love, Too

BY: Jess Snively |Apr 20, 2016

familyactivities2k16 HERO jpgEven though you love your little bundles of joy more than anything in the world, the reality is that hanging out with them can sometimes be … a little tedious. It’s okay to admit it—they’re amused by reading the same book over and over, even if it’s upside down.

But there are plenty of kids activities that parents can actually enjoy, too. And that doesn’t mean you’ll just be stuck twiddling your thumbs in a parents’ lounge. We’ve rounded up five activities for kids that bring the whole family together (but it’s up to you to imagine the heart-warming music playing in the background).

familyactivities2k16 AMUSEMENTPARK jpg1. Amusement Park

Amusement parks are the ultimate place for kids to be kids, and for parents to feel like kids. Rollercoasters, waterslides, merry-go-rounds, and ferris wheels are just a few of the activities that add to a theme park’s magic. This is a chance for you to hang out with your kids while they’re in a state of pure joy—after all, there are no temper tantrums allowed within 12 feet of any amusement park—and you’ll get bonus points if you go on some of the rides, too. Don’t forget the sugary snacks, because no day at the park is complete without some cotton candy, funnel cake, or Dippin’ Dots.

Why Kids Love It: This is pretty much a no-brainer.

Why You’ll Love It: Nostalgia! And if you think your aging body will betray you with nausea on the rides, pop some motion-sickness medicine before joining your kids on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

familyactivities2k16 MUSEUM jpg2. Museum

At first blush, taking your kids to a museum might seem like a recipe for disaster (cue images of children smearing jammy fingers on Andy Warhol’s Tomato Soup). But children’s museums, as well as many science and history museums, feature hands-on exhibits that are specifically designed to foster those pint-size impulses to touch, taste, and smell literally everything. Best of all, they’ll leave the museum having learned something: parenting win!

Why Kids Love It: Touching is allowed.

Why You’ll Love It: You’ll get a refresher course on those basic science, chemistry, or history lessons you’ve long forgotten.

familyactivities2k16 BOWLING jpg3. Bowling

One part competition, one part coordination, and one part fun, bowling is sure to keep little ones entertained for at least an hour. A bowling alley is a place where it’s completely acceptable—nay, encouraged—for kids to channel their destructive impulses and send pins flying in a glorious calamity. Meanwhile, you can teach them a little math lesson on angles, and blow off some steam yourself on those poor, defenseless pins.

Why Kids Love It: They can to do a crazy celebration dance every time they knock over pins.

Why You’ll Love It: Bowling with the bumpers on is an instant self-esteem booster, and many bowling alleys feature menus with more options than chicken fingers (read: delicious, well-earned beer).

familyactivities2k16 ZOO jpg4. Zoo

The zoo is another one of those places that just screams magical nostalgia. Instead of playing YouTube videos of cute animals for your kids online, you can check out their antics in person, and maybe even capture your own viral video. Kids go absolutely bananas over animals—it’s a scientific fact—and they might even learn about biology and conservation efforts along the way.

Why Kids Love It: Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Why You’ll Love It: Even the most world-weary adult will melt in the presence of a baby gorilla.

familyactivities2k16 ZIPLINE jpg5. Zipline

A zipline tour harnesses those daredevil kid impulses and makes them safe. Instead of trying to skateboard off the roof, kids can get their thrills while zooming over treetops and breathtaking landscapes—all while harnessed in and wearing a helmet. And if any of your kids are nervous about taking the plunge alone, you can opt for a tandem ride.

Why Kids Love It: They get a chance to prove how brave they are (safely).

Why You’ll Love It: You get a chance to feel sheer freedom with the wind flowing through your hair.