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9 Fun Things to Do in Miami with Kids

BY: Sarah Gorr | Aug 31, 2017

It's no surprise that there are plenty of fun things to do in Miami—from late nights in South Beach to rooftop bars with great ocean views, it's got a rep as one, big never-ending spring break. But the city has more to offer than just its nightlife; in fact, there are a ton of kids activities that'll have the whole family smiling. We took a close look at the best way to keep everyone happy on your next trip to the Magic City and came up with a list of nine fun things to do in Miami that cover everything from stylish street art to Everglades adventures.

Miami Seaquarium

Take some time to learn about the creatures living in the waters around Miami with a trip to the Seaquarium. Focused on conservation as much as education, the aquarium spans 38 acres and gives kids a way to get up close and personal with natural wildlife. You can also save a few bucks on entry with this deal on admission.

VIP Experience: Get the chance to meet penguins or swim with seals; the aquarium offers several special animal encounters.
Don't miss the dolphin and killer whale show, where the animals swim and play together and perform tricks

Coral Castle

The Coral Castle is a one-of-a-kind sight and is often referred to as "Florida's Stonehenge." The bizarre structure will invite the imaginations of your kids to run wild, while impressing keener eyes with its construction. It even has a fun bit of backstory: legend says the entire thing was constructed in the dead of night as a temple to the builder's lost love.

Don't miss: the throne room, where kids can climb up on a sculpted seat for a goofy photo op
Fun fact: The castle wasn't built in a night, but it was all built by hand by a single man: Ed Leedskalnin.

Miami Children's Museum

The obvious choice, sure, but Miami Children's Museum is full of tons of interactive exhibits and displays for kids of (almost) all ages, though younger ones will likely get the most out of a visit. The museum is also in the middle of multimillion-dollar renovation, ensuring exhibits are up-to-date and relevant to today's kids.

Don't miss: the Sketch Aquarium, where guests can digitally doodle their own sea creature before watching it come to life via fun animations
Nearby: Stroll around Museum Park for seaside views, and if you haven't had your fill of educational excursions, stop by the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science.

Little Havana

Aside from being a vibrant neighborhood that's essential to the city's character, it's also full of great food! Introduce your kids to fun new dishes from plantain chips to Cuban sugar cookies. Most of the 'hood's best eateries can be found by taking a stroll down Calle Ocho, so you can burn a little energy between bites. Learn more about what to eat by checking out our guide to the area here.

Must try: paps rellenas, a crunchy fried potato croquette stuffed with beef and veggies that's as fun to eat for kids as chicken nuggets
Sweet treats: grab a big scoop of Coca Cola ice cream at Azúcar Ice Cream Company

Wynwood Walls

All the vibrant culture of an art museum, but without the stuffy atmosphere: that's what you'll find at Miami's Wynwood Walls. This collection of massive and innovative murals is one of the most colorful parts of the city. You'll be able to soak up the sun along with the culture, while kids will feel free to interact with each piece, which can be especially helpful for the most fidgety of the bunch.

Don't miss: Shepherd Fairey's contribution, a colorful mishmash that's shows off his distinct visual style as immortalized in his most famous work, the Obama "Hope" poster
Nearby: The Salty Donut, the first artisan donut shop in the city (and one of the best donut shops, period); try the passionfruit donut, which is as colorful as the Wynwood Walls themselves


You can't head to Miami and not spend a significant amount of time in the water. Thankfully, there's an abundance of snorkeling tours that mean you and your entire family can get a fresh new perspective on an undersea world. Even better, a deal can help you save on the excursion that includes a mask, fins, complimentary drinks, and a dedicated guide.

Wildlife to spot: In addition to tropical fish, keep an eye out for sea turtles that regularly swim through the area
Pro tip: Though you'll see plenty of coral, remember not to touch it! It's dangerous to you and the coral.

Everglades Airboat Tour

The Everglades are one of the most wholly unique landscapes in the entire US, so making a trip out to see them is almost essential. But what'll make the venture a real winner with the kiddos no matter how old they are is seeing the area via an airboat tour. You'll get propelled along by the boat's massive fan as a dedicated guide points out the most interesting features, and with this deal, you can save big: it's just $65 for four people.

Wildlife to spot: the purple gallanule, a gorgeous bird native to the swamps with feathers of bright purple, green, and blue
Where to eat: Dig in to plates of local specialties such as gator tail and frog legs at Coopertown Restaurant after the tour

Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing can be a lot more exciting than your typical day at the lake. Kids can learn about the types of fish you hope to catch before (if they're lucky) reeling in a big one for themselves! Tours like this one from Super Sea Legs Deep Sea Fishing are great for beginners, too, because no experience is necessary and guides are there to help you along the way.

What you'll catch: small fish like pinfish and larger fish such as mangrove snappers and giant groupers are relatively common
Where to eat: Largo Bar and Grill near downtown will actually cook your catch of the day, so feel free to bring in your haul.


Miami's many boardwalks, causeways, and national parks make it a wonderful place to bike. Grab a couple rental bikes for a great deal, then set out with the family to explore anywhere from the beachfront to, if you're really adventurous, the Everglades 15-mile loop. Just make sure to stay hydrated, wherever you go!

Best trail for small kids: Hollywood Beach bike trail, which is a 2.5-mile trail that's relatively flat and smooth, making for an easy ride
Best trail for teens: Rickenbacker Trail, an intermediate-level path that offers great views of Bill Baggs State Park and its lighthouse