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Gifts for Coffee Lovers

BY: Sarah Gorr |

If you know someone who's favorite part of the day is waking up to the perfect cup of joe, then you need to take a look at these gifts for coffee lovers. We took a look at all the basic coffee accessories and coffee essentials to put together a list to help you build the perfect at-home setup. Whether you want to rescue yourself or someone you love from mediocre coffee, this is what you need:


kitchen cart

You've heard of a bar cart, right? Apply the same concept to a kitchen cart and you'll be surprised at how much counterspace storing your coffee gear this way frees up.


Coffee Grinder

Upgrading your coffee grinder is one of the simplest ways to dramatically improve your daily cup. It means you can buy fresh beans and grind them to the precise coarseness of whatever brewing method you desire (drip, french press, espresso, etc.).


French Press

To properly transition from coffee lover to coffee snob, you need a french press. You'll be surprised at the new depth of flavor your coffee will achieve compared to drip!


Electric Kettle

You'll want a good kettle to go with your french press since proper water temperature is essential. We love the gooseneck on this one because it helps saturate the grounds more thoroughly and it's less likely splash out.


stovetop espresso maker

These little beauties make at-home espresso as easy as 1, 2, 3. They take a little getting used to, however, because you'll need to listen for a hissing and bubbling sound to know when it's ready.


Espresso cups

Your stovetop espresso maker has finally given you an excuse to buy the cutest lil' cups in the world! These double-walled ones will help keep your drink hot and your hands cool, too.



Think you need a $1,000 espresso machine to get that silky layer of foam on a capuccino at home? Think again. Simply brew your espresso, warm up some milk on the stove or in the microwave, froth it up, then pour it into your coffee and ta-da!



French press and pour over are great, but sometimes you need the speed of an automatic machine. This one is great because it mimics the pour-over process without having to monitor it.



Now that you've brewed the perfect cup, take it to go.



Now you can make cold brew as good as the stuff in the cafés right at home. The best part? You can pop the metal filter out when it's done brewing, and keep the coffee sealed in the carafe, which is pretty enough to leave on the breakfast table.

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