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10 Great Gifts for Dogs (Yes, Dogs)

Dogs: we don't deserve them. They give us unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship, all for the price of a few belly rubs. Well, and kibble. And vet bills. And our favorite shoes, which they will inevitably destroy. But we still think we're getting the good end of the bargain! Maybe that's why we're always on the lookout for great gifts for dogs that we can use to spoil our favorite pups. Below, you'll find 10 great dog gifts that would make a perfect treat for your pup, no matter what the occasion (does "Tuesday" count as an occasion?).


Bully Sticks

We'll spare you the explanation of what a bully stick really is. Just know that they're 100% beef and dogs absolutely love them. In addition to being easy to digest, they also help clean tartar from Rover's teeth, and give him something to chew so he won't be tempted by furniture legs.


Orthopedic Pet Bed

This dog gift would be wonderful for any pet, but we especially like it for senoir dogs who might be suffering from arthritis. The contoured design helps relieve pressure from doggy joints and helps your aging pet rest comfortably throughout the night.


Ball Launcher

Dogs could play fetch all day long. Our shoulder joints? Not so much. Luckily, this ball launcher helps you lob that ball farther with less effort, and it can even pick the ball off the ground for you so your hands remain slobber-free.


Windproof Coat

Cold weather doesn't have to put a damper on your daily walks, thanks to this lightweight, windproof coat, which features a thinsulate lining to keep your pup extra warm.


Travel Bowls

If you and your pooch love to go on road trips or long hikes together, these easy-to-pack, collapsible food bowls are a must. They're perfect for holding food and water, and are made of dishwasher-safe BPA-free silicone, so you could even eat out of them yourself (if you wanted to).


Custom Pet Blanket

Nothing makes us say "awwww" louder than personalized dog gifts and this one might be the snuggliest custom gift you can find. The machine-washable throws are personalized with your dog's name and a pattern of your choice, and they don't just keep your dog warm—they also protect your furniture from shed hair. Win-win.


Animal-Shaped Toy

Stuffed toys may be cute, but they aren't always the most practical option for chewers. Not so with these adorable gifts for dogs. They're made from textured fibers that create a firm bite surface for dogs, but are still gentle on gums.


Car Seat Belt Clip

Driving with your pet in the car can be stressful, especially if your pet gets anxious on rides. This adjustable seat belt clip fastens to his or her collar and allows them to comfortably move, while also ensuring they won't get hurt if you brake suddenly.


Dog Wine

Has your dog had a rough day at the office? Has his heart been broken at the dog park? Maybe he just wants something to sip while you guys watch Real Housewives together. Whatever the occasion, treat him to a glass (or bowl) of this stuff, which is made in the USA, and flavored with bacon and salmon oil. By the way, it contains no actual alcohol, so no doggie hangovers to worry about next day.


PawZ Dog Boots

These anti-slip dog boots will help protect sensitive paws whether you're worried about salt, snow, ice, or hot pavement. The natural rubber design is made to conform to your dog's paws so she can walk without tripping.

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