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Gifts for the Hard to Buy For

Many relationships in life are clearly defined—mother, father, daughter, best friend, second-favorite dentist. Others can feel gray and murky, especially when it comes to gifting. What do you get those people you "kinda know?" What's an apropos gift for your Secret Santa, your house cleaner, the guy you've only been dating for a few weeks?

Wonder no more. We've pinpointed 10 surefire gifts for the hard to buy for people in your life, whether they're a virtual stranger or a good friend who's just hard to please.


Air Fryer

It seems to air fryer has finally displaced the veggie spiralizer as the most-wanted kitchen tool, making this one of the perfect gifts for hard to buy for cooks. But really, who wouldn't love the opportunity to indulge in french fries, onion rings, and fried chicken without all the guilt?


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

The truly ideal gifts for the hard to buy for are those that are so novel and new that there's a good chance the recipient has never received (or even seen) one before. The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook is one such gift. When you've filled its pages with text, simply stick the notebook in the microwave to erase the writing and start with a clean slate. And all your diction can be saved to a cloud before erasing, as long as you link the notebook with your smartphone.


Swedish Massage

Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about receiving a massage as a gift? Of course you haven't, because those people simply do not exist. Still, if you have any doubts about your gift recipients enthusiasm for a good, deep kneading, opt for a Swedish massage. It's a gentle, relaxation-focused style that's very beginner-friendly.


Travel Blender

These days, it seems just about everyone is juicing or smoothie-ing at home. But this rechargable travel blender ensures they never have to go without their kale-infused, protein-rich, bee-pollen-enhanced morning ritual ever again. It blends at the touch of a button, and even comes with an optional strainer cap to filter out pulp.


Movie Tickets

Guy, girl, young, old—everybody goes to the movies, which is why a pair of tickets if one of our favorite gifts for people who are hard to buy for. And with box office prices soaring ever higher, this gift feels more extravagant with every passing year. (Pssst, save a few bucks and buy them from us!)


Wireless Earbuds

Those of us who are always plugged in know how easy it is to misplace an earbud or two, so high-quality backups are always welcome! This sleek pair is available in black or rose gold, and last up to six hours on a single charge.


Land on Mars

Buying someone a star is passe: Mars is the new frontier in the cosmic real estate realm. Yes, you can now buy your hard-to-buy-for friend an acre of land on the red planet, for which they'll receive a certificate and a map highlighting its location. Seat on Mars One not included.


Handyman Services

Does your gift recipient own a home? Do you literally know nothing else about them? Why not set them up with an hour or two of services from a local handyman? The home pro can show up to do those small tasks that everyone hates, like cleaning the cutters or changing those hard-to-reach bulbs. Or, your giftee might be able to apply the credit towards a bigger job.


Personalized Leather Tray

Monogramming can make a simple gift feel extra special, and this small leather tray proves it. It's the perfect catch all for jewelry, keys, and other small objects and makes for one of the best gifts for hard to buy for men or women.


Amazing Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Kitschy? Certainly. But this funny-looking gift is also crazy practical. When filled with vinegar and water, the plastic character emits steam that makes it easy to wipe away grime and grease from the microwave, but unlike most microwave-safe bowls, the outside stays completely cool to the touch.


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