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10 Girls Night Out Ideas You Probably Haven't Tried

BY: COLLEEN LOGGINS | 7.25.2017 |

It's statistically impossible to get tired of girls' night out happy hours (we're assuming); however, it is fun to try something new every once in a while. So the next time you want to go out with the ladies, don't just head to the nearest watering hole. Instead, break your routine and try one of these less common girls' night out ideas. At the very least, you'll have something to talk about during the next happy hour.

1. Indulge your true crime obsession during a crime tour.

If you and your girlfriends love murder in a way that doesn't lead to arrests, take a crime tour together. It's a great way to bond over your dark sensibilities while getting to know your city a little better.

Spotlight on Chicago Crime Tours in Chicago: Explore the city that monsters such as Al Capone and H.H. Holmes called home during these crime and mob bus tours. The Friday night tour, which includes stops at historical bars, is perfect for a girls' night out ($45/person; daytime tours are $55 for two people with our Chicago Crime Tours deal).

2. Take a BYOB cooking class.

A cooking class not only encourages you to bond while you broil, but also gives you the chance to learn new life skills. Bring happy hour into the kitchen by choosing one that lets you BYOB.


3. Waltz your way through a dance class.

Do you know what makes a night out dancing with the girls even better? Coordinated dance moves. Learn some during salsa, hip-hop, or belly dance lessons.

4. Catch an old flick at the local movie theater.

A low-key night at the movie theater is a classic date-night activity that's just as fun, if not more fun, with friends. After all, the more people you have, the more snacks you can share. Many theaters offer specialty showings of old movies once a month or so, giving you the perfect excuse to put girls' night out dates on the calendar.

Spotlight on Alamo Drafthouse in Austin: The cinephile-favorite movie theater frequently hosts women-centric specialty screenings accompanied by themed cocktails. These range from Girlie Night, which showcases slumber-party favorites such as Dirty Dancing and Clueless, to Pop Princess Video Dance Party, which invites women to dress like their favorite princess and dance the night away.

5. Unwind during a candlelit night yoga class.

Plenty of yoga studios offer Thursday or Friday night candlelit yoga classes designed to help you de-stress after a long week. This is perfect for friends who feel comfortable not talking for extended periods of time.

6. ... Or get amped up during an evening spin class.

If you all meet at the gym for a postwork spin class, you're entitled to down at least three margaritas at dinner.

7. Get a foot massage together at a Chinese-style foot spa.

Of all the things to do with friends, this may not be the most traditional, but you won't regret having someone massage your feet while you and your friends chat.

Spotlight on Yan Foot Spa in New York City: Therapists at this popular—but no-frills—SoHo spot go beyond a basic foot massage and treat the feet to reflexology ($25 for 60 minutes with our Yan Foot Spa deal). They stay open until 10 p.m., making them a particularly great option for groups with friends who work late.

8. Get a braid at a salon or blow-dry bar.

This is more of a pre-girls'-night activity, but it's ideal if you have somewhere fancy to be later that evening. Pick a salon that offers complimentary beer or wine and hang out while your stylists twist and plait.

9. Commemorate your friendship with a family portrait photo shoot.

This may sound like one of the more out-there girls' night out ideas, but you'll never forget the time you and your friends participated in a family portrait photo shoot, especially if you all dress up for the occasion. Instead of putting on nice dresses, try heading to the thrift store beforehand and selecting outfits for one another. Don't reveal what you chose until you get to the photo-shoot location.

10. Organize an in-home wine tasting.

Hire a wine consultant to lead an in-home wine tasting, during which you and your friends will learn about homegrown and international wines. Or lead your own less formal tasting after ordering a case of different varieties.

Spotlight on PRP Wine International in various locations: Wine consultants visit party hosts' homes, where they dole out different types of wine to groups of up to 12 during 90-minute tastings. It might sound a bit too fancy for a casual girls' night out, but it's surprisingly cost effective with our PRP Wine deal ($45–$55 for a 90-minute tasting.)

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