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Schedule Some Meditation Time at These Milwaukee Yoga Studios

BY: Editors | Jul 6, 2015

Schedule Some Meditation Time at These Milwaukee Yoga Studios

Exposed brick walls. Hardwood floors. Floor-to-ceiling windows flooding the space with natural light. If yoga studios had a signature look, it would be this. But when you find yourself stretching in a Milwaukee yoga studio, you might actually be surrounded by a quintessential piece of the city’s history. Here, an exposed brick wall most often means a wall made of bricks that are cream or light yellow in color. This type of stone—known locally as “cream city” brick—is unique to the Milwaukee area, made of clay from the Menomonee River Valley, and lending a distinct look to many of city’s homes, historical landmarks, and, yes, even its yoga studios.

1. Yoga Ward

Walker's Point

Armed with his belief that _anyone_ can benefit from yoga practice, founder Dean Farrell built his exposed brick studio to be open and non-intimidating for even the newbie. Known for bringing a sense of humor to his (mostly) vinyasa-based classes, Dean is also joined by a team who lead everything from Forrest yoga to Yoga Sculpt, which incorporates resistance training.

2. Core Essence Yoga

Lower East Side

Though the classes range in discipline from vinyasa to acroyoga, most of the teachers hold at least 200-hour certifications in their specialty, meaning that each class is taught by someone steeped in the practice. These seasoned stretchers are also available for private one-on-one sessions for those who want to strengthen their skills.

3. Milwaukee Power Yoga

Lower East Side

This studio’s thermostat hovers at a balmy 95 degrees, which staff claims not only increases the heart rate to make workouts more effective, but also makes limbs more fluid and helps the body release toxins.

4. Yama Yoga

Historic Third Ward

Whether you’re the type of yoga student who likes to slow down and unwind after a busy day, or the type that’s eager to squeeze in a lunch-out workout, Yama Yoga has a class type to suit you. Slow Flow and Noon Express classes are two examples on a long list of offerings that also includes a Yoga Happy Hour filled with music and fun, prenatal yoga for expecting moms, and Shakti Flow yoga for those ready to try arm balances and backbends.

5. Bikram Yoga Milwaukee


Here, the signature 90-minute Bikram class takes place in a sweltering 105-degree studio and is geared towards beginner students. Those whose schedules that are a little more cramped can take advantage of the express class, which features all the same postures, but is pared down into a 60-minute session.

6. Milwaukee Yoga Center


The practice here centers around Iyengar yoga, in which practitioners work towards proper alignment, often using blankets and props to help those with more limited mobility. In 2013 and 2014, readers of the Shepherd Express voted it the best yoga studio in the city.

7. Haleybird Studios

Mount Mary

With a roster of classes for parents and children, the whole family can get in on the fun here. Depending on the child’s age, classes might incorporate music-making and sing-a-longs or focus-heightening exercises to help with test-taking. There’s even a class for scouts looking to earn their meditation badge.

8. YogaOne Studio

Fox Point

YogaOne Studio makes it extremely easy for those new to yoga to dive right in. The packages here take care of everything: students get access to props, towels, mats, and even complimentary tea, so all they have to bring is a willingness to be patient and learn

9. INVIVO Wellness Center


In warmer months, teachers here lead classes on the rooftop, where students feel the wind and sun on their skin as they stretch. Meanwhile, during yoga therapy sessions, therapists guide clients through yoga-based sessions, such as guided imagery, meditation, and breathwork in order to support body, mind, and spirit. As the center is not just a yoga studio, but a wellness center, clients can also run the treadmill, get a massage, or schedule an acupuncture session on site.

10. Saffron Yoga Center

Bay View

Through its classes, the staff at this studio work to give their students tools to use in everyday life. Workshops might teach poses that help students beat the winter blues, for example, while Thai bodywork sessions use yogic principles and poses to help engender relaxation and healing.

BY: Editors

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