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The Cutest Halloween Costumes for Kids

BY: Sarah Gorr | Sep 22, 2017


Fall really seems to fly by—one minute, you're just finishing up the back-to-school shopping list and the next you're combing through the last few racks of Halloween costumes for kids. Don't let the holiday catch you off guard! If you start thinking about what your little ones want to be early, you can end up with the most adorable brood on the block. To help you out, we've wrangled up a list of the straight-up cutest Halloween costumes for kids we could find:


Wonder Woman

Click here to buy for $44.88.

Sure to be the "it" costume of 2017, this Wonder Woman costume is not only one of the cutest options for any little girl, it's also one of the coolest. No tiaras or tutus needed, here; instead she'll feel like a hero on Halloween.


Cookies and Milk

Click here to buy for $42.98.

Your two kids might be like peas in a pod, but we promise they don't want to dress up like a veggie. Go for cookies and milk instead


Click here to buy for $32.99.

Is your little cutie kind of a little stinker? If so, get your revenge by dressing them up in this adorable skunk costume before they're old enough to say no!


Click here to buy for $35.49.

The only thing scary about this shark is how scary adorable it is. Plus, if your tyke is averse to the "cute" label, this is a great way to trick them into it. Just make sure to comment on how terrifying their teeth are.

Train and Conductor

Click here to buy for $61.98.



With this kids costume, they'll never know whether they're dressed as a cute train conductor, or a tot-friendly version of Magritte's Time Transfixed, and what's cuter than covert Modernism?

Three-Headed Dragon

Click here to buy from $64.99.

Part fearsome beast, part pajamas, part puppet, this three-headed dragon getup has it all.


Click here to buy for $67.49.

A sugar-high toddler might not have an off switch, but hey, at least with this outfit you can pretend.


Click here to buy for $56.98.

At this point, Finding Nemo is a childhood classic so the issue won't be convicing your kid to put this Nemo costume on, it'll be getting him to take it off.

Strong Man

Click here to buy for $36.97.

Your baby might not be able to hack it in a CrossFit class, but at least now they can look the part as the cutest little strong man (or gal!) you've ever seen.

Link from the Legend of Zelda

Click here to buy from $61.99.

Set your child up to defeat Ganon and Majora with this amazing Link costume that'll have you reminiscing about the days when you still had time to play Nintendo.


Click here to buy from $64.99.

Teeny tiny tentacles for your teeny tiny tot might sound like one of the weirder options you could choose, but its uniqueness just makes it more adorable.


Click here to buy for $44.99.

I mean. It's a sloth costume. For a toddler. That is literally the cutest thing we have ever heard of.