How to Celebrate Pi Day Like a Pro

BY: CODY BRAUN | 3.14.2014 |
How to Celebrate Pi Day Like a Pro

Here’s how to celebrate the only mathematically significant holiday worth celebrating:

Tip 3.) Listen only to songs that are 3:14 long. Here are a few to get you started:

Tip 1.) Start a fight with someone who celebrates E Day (February 7). Point out that the constant e (2.71828) is both worth less than pi and also mathematically useless.

Tip 4.) Learn all of the digits of pi. (It is literally dozens of numbers long!)

Tip 1.) Look at this pie chart of how many digits of pi that the lying forum members in this Yahoo Answers forum claim to know:


Tip 5.) Learn about about the history of pi. For example, did you know that the digits of pi were inscribed on the walls of one science museum with an error? Or that there is a horrifying movie called Pi?

Tip 9.) Here’s another pie chart:


Tip 2.) Eat a pie, probably?

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BY: Cody Braun Guide Staff Writer