Real Women Show Us How to Style Short Hair

BY: Colleen Loggins Loster |Jun 25, 2018

A recent Facebook poll of our customers revealed that short hair can be daunting to manage. Sure, you have plenty of tips from hairstylists on how to style short hair, but if you're a very beginner or just not very hair-literate, you may have a hard time following the conversation.

That's why we asked two real women with short hair to give us their best styling tips. So if you're wondering how to style short hair—especially how to style short layered hair and how to style short pixie hair—check out the video above.

Recommended Products and Tools

What Michelle uses on her pixie cut:

  1. Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Cream ($25.99 for a 3pc. kit): Michelle uses this every day to get a bit of texture during her prep stage. In the video, she demoed her other styling cream, a Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs cream that's no longer available. But Michelle says that she doesn't use that as much as the Rusk cream.
  2. Bumble and bumble Sumotech ($11.99): This wax-paste-cream hybrid adds even more texture to Michelle's hair to create a finishing look. Don't sweat about getting this travel-size tub because as Michelle says, "it lasts forever."
  3. Spray bottle full of water: Both Michelle and Aimee wet their hair in the morning to combat bed head. Michelle prefers to spritz it on her pixie cut, whereas Aimee wets a comb and runs it through the back of her hair.

What Aimee uses on her layered short bob:

  1. Hot wand blow-dryer brush ($43.99): Aimee preps her hair with a blow-dryer-brush hot tool to create effortless bends.
  2. Bumble & bumble Semisumo ($27.99): To create a smoother look that still has some texture, Aimee grabs this shiny low-hold pomade and sweeps it through the middle and ends of her bob.
  3. Beyond the Zone Retro Vinyl Working Paste: Aimee runs this sticky styling paste through her hair when she wants a bit more messy texture.



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