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I Tried the NYX Macaron Lippies Everyone’s Obsessing Over

BY: Favin the Maven | Aug 6, 2014
I Tried the NYX Macaron Lippies Everyone’s Obsessing OverEarlier this year, NYX Cosmetics debuted their highly anticipated Macaron Lippies, a collection of 12 lipsticks inspired by the colorful French confections. They’ve been pretty much impossible to come by in stores, so I finally relented and ordered them online. Three of the dozen hues were sold out on NYX’s website when I placed my order (black, white, and violet), but the other nine shipped out to me in a cute lace pouch with a complimentary lip liner! Read on for my personal verdict on each hue—although, to be fair, I think my golden complexion had a lot to do with how all of these look. i-tried-the-nyx-macaron-lippies-everyones-obsessing-over_yes_600c226 The Yeses: #09 They call it: Lavender I’m calling it: Easter Egg Why I like it: It reminds me of the old-school supermodels. This one might be my favorite. #04 They call it: Blue Velvet I’m calling it: Smurf Blue Why I like it: This one had the strongest pigment. I didn’t need much, and I ended up looking surprisingly un-frostbitten. #08 They call it: Earl Grey I’m calling it: Iceberg. It’s more icy blue than gray. Why I like it: It feels gothy and high-fashion—I bet this is what Lorde will wear once she runs out of dark purple. i-tried-the-nyx-macaron-lippies-everyones-obsessing-over_okay_600c226 The OKs: #01 They call it: Rose I’m calling it: Miami Grandma Why it’s meh: It’s not a bad color, I just have a terrible aversion to Pepto pinks. #06 They call it: Pistachio I’m calling it: Teenage Teal Why it’s meh: When I was 16, I wanted teal everything, even a car. I guess I grew out of it. #03 They call it: Key Lime I’m calling it: Slimer Why it’s meh: It’s a fun color for, say, a wicked witch costume. But maybe not for everyday. i-tried-the-nyx-macaron-lippies-everyones-obsessing-over_no_600c226 The Nos: #02 They call it: Orange Blossom I’m calling it: Flesh Why it’s a no: It looked bright in the tube, but matched my skin too closely and didn’t go on well. #10 They call it: Black Sesame I’m calling it: Storm Why it’s a no: It gets props for evoking X-Men, but makes me look like I was struck by lightning. #07 They call it: Citron I’m calling it: Mac ‘n’ Cheese Why it’s a no: Did you see the picture? Not even if I was a bumblebee on Halloween. Not ever. Check Groupon for local beauty and spa deals. Photos: Mark Mills, Groupon
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven