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I Walked 2 Miles Through a Beauty Expo and Got Lost

BY: Favin the Maven | Mar 27, 2014
I Walked 2 Miles Through a Beauty Expo and Got LostYes, lost. But I managed to find five cool things along the way, including masks that make your feet peel like snakeskin. Earlier this week, McCormick Place hosted two of the Midwest’s largest beauty shows—Face & Body Midwest and America’s Beauty Show—which I attended with my Groupon beauty team. I’m not exaggerating when I say these shows were enormous—if you didn’t have a navigation plan, you could totally get lost. Which we did. But it wasn’t our fault. Everywhere we looked there was a cool hairstyle to admire or a fun beauty gadget to play with. Here are five of the most memorable products and trends we saw: 1. All-natural spray tanning Bronze Biologic was promoting its botanical tanning solution, which is made from a combination of purified water, beet sugar, and aloe vera. I was so intrigued, I let the representative spray my face a beautiful shade of bronze (see the video here). And it wasn’t just the formula that was impressive, either. Bronze Biologic’s gun gave off no overspray, meaning my white (!) shirt didn’t get a drop of color on it. 2. Foot treatments There were a LOT of foot treatments. But one that really jumped out at me was Baby Foot’s exfoliating booties. The single-use masks wrap around feet, coating them with 17 natural extracts and fruit acids that make cracked, dry skin peel off like snakeskin. It’s somehow gross and awesome all at the same time. I bought a pair and can’t wait to try them, so stay tuned for that. i-walked-2-miles-through-a-beauty-expo-and-got-lost_600c650 3. Infrared sauna chairs Health Partner’s F.I.T.T. system takes lounging to a new level. The chair is built into a red-cedar chamber that encloses the lower half of your body, warming it with infrared heat to help relieve pain and boost metabolism. It was really warm—I think if I had sat much longer than 15 minutes I would’ve started sweating. But apparently you build up a tolerance to the heat, because the rep said she uses it for about an hour a day while watching TV. (Like I need another excuse to binge-watch House of Cards.) 4. Men’s hair Brands including TIGI and Redken were very conscious of the national trend of “dapper shops,” old-school-inspired barbershops where guys can sip beer and watch the game while getting a haircut and shave. As such, there was a lot of energy devoted to men’s salon services and styling products—TIGI even did live styling and cutting onstage to demonstrate their product line, B for Men. i-walked-2-miles-through-a-beauty-expo-and-got-lost_600c740 5. Bold hair color As adorable as St. Vincent and Kelly Osbourne look with their pastel hairdos, I’m not surprised that crayon-box hues have evolved from bold ombre-dipped ends to all-over color. It seemed all the major hair-color brands—including Redken and CHI—had models flaunting hairstyles saturated in shades of neon pink, scarlet, and tangerine. Photos: Groupon
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven