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All About Liposuction

BY: EDITORIAL TEAM | 3.14.2017 |

Any discussion about fast ways to lose fat inevitably touches on liposuction. But lipo is an immensely complex subject, especially when you start talking about options beyond traditional fat-removal surgery. In the 21st century, we now have laser-lipo procedures like Smartlipo, along with a host of noninvasive weight-loss treatments that claim to burst fat cells with everything from light to sound waves. We’re here to help you sort through the noise.

What is liposuction?

During liposuction surgery, a licensed physician suctions fat deposits from a localized area through small incisions. Within the family of lipo techniques, one of the most common is tumescent lipo, which temporarily plumps the surgical area with a diluted solution of anesthetic, which is then removed along with the fat.

What’s the liposuction recovery time? One to three days for light activity, but it may take weeks or months for swelling to fully subside

How much does liposuction cost? Liposuction prices can vary, but generally it’s in the thousands. It all depends on the size of the patient, number of areas treated, and geographic location.

Is there anesthesia? Local anesthetic will be used for small volumes of fat, and general anesthetic for larger volumes.

What is laser liposuction, and why is it so popular?

Laser liposuction (which includes trademarked treatments like Smartlipo, by far the most popular type of laser lipo) is generally less invasive than liposuction surgery. Doctors liquefy fat with a laser fiber before suctioning it out, making for a smoother removal process and less downtime than with traditional lipo. Instead of suturing the incisions, they often simply apply surgical dressings, letting fluids continue to drain away naturally.

What’s the laser liposuction recovery time? A day or two

How much does laser liposuction cost? In the thousands, just like with traditional lipo

Is there anesthesia? Usually only a local anesthetic

What about nonsurgical or noninvasive liposuction options?

If fat-removal surgery isn’t exactly your cup of tea, a variety of noninvasive procedures exist just for you. These therapies penetrate the membranes of fat cells via external stimuli like radio-frequency waves, infrared light, or tiny kitten paws kneading the treatment area. This coaxes the fat cells into releasing their contents into the bloodstream, which transfers the waste to the lymphatic system for disposal.

Though these treatments simply empty fat cells rather than remove them from the body, they carry considerably less risk than liposuction surgery and can still trim inches from treatment areas after one or more sessions. Plus, there’s no downtime, and you’ll never need anesthesia.

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Should I consider liposuction alternatives for losing weight and staying fit?

While liposuction and lipo-like treatments offer a fast way to lose fat, the results aren’t permanent. In addition, the treatments themselves work best on people who are already relatively fit and just want to address problem areas that seem to elude the effects of exercise.

So if you want to lose weight or reduce cellulite, other treatments or a focus on fitness might better suit your needs than a procedure for fat reduction alone. 

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