A Moving Out Checklist For Stress-Free Moving

BY: Shannon Grilli |May 8, 2018

You're moving! Relocating to a new home or apartment can mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life, and for that we give you our heartfelt congratulations! Of course, you also have our sympathies, as planning, packing, and hauling all of your belongings across town (or even across the country) is... well, not fun.

But that doesn't mean you can't put in some planning to make it as stress-free as possible. And we're here to help. We put together this moving out checklist to help you plan an efficient, organized move that includes as few hiccups as possible, and included a timeline so you know when to carryout each step.

Two Months Before:

⃞ Take Inventory. Figure out if there are any items you won't be taking with you to your new home and decide whether you will donate or sell them.

⃞ Budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend on your move and use that to determine whether you'll hire movers or tackle the entire thing by yourself.

⃞ Research. If you decide to hire a moving service, take time to research highly-reviewed companies that serve your area. Once you have it narrowed down to a short list, call and request quotes to do a price comparison. You can also search our site for great deals on moving services, as well as junk removal, should you need it.

⃞ Check your current lease to note any repairs or updates (painting walls, spackling holes, etc.) you might be responsible for before leaving your old home.

⃞ Request time off from work for your move.

One Month Before:

⃞ Book your movers. Now that you've had time to compare quotes, make sure you book at least one month in advance to ensure your move date is available. It's also best to book as far in advance as possible in order to get the best price.

⃞ Order supplies, including boxes, packing tape, and any padding you'll need to secure fragile items.

⃞ Inform the post office, utility companies, insurance company, and any other service or provider about your move and provide them your new address. Nothing hurts worse than missing a payment and getting saddled with a late fee, all because your bill went to your old address. This is also a great opportunity to send your new address to friends and family.

⃞ Ask friends and family for help. If you're planning to enlist extra hands, it's polite to ask them far in advance of your move.

⃞ Measure any large items to make sure they'll fit through the doorways of your new home. Better to find out now that you'll need to disassemble that Ikea couch than when you've wedged in a stairwell.

Two Weeks Before:

⃞ Raid your cupboards and pantry and plan meals to use up as many items as possible. Avoid buying excess pantry items and try to keep your grocery lists to the bare minimum. Throw out any canned goods or other staples that are past their expiration date and donate any non-expired items you know you won't use before your move.

⃞ Pack small items you're unlikely to use before your move, such as books, records, off-season clothing, and knick-knacks. Packing these things takes time and will feel less overwhelming if you do it in small batches.

⃞ Sell any small items you don't want at a yard sale. Or, post to an online marketplace and let buyers come to you, which will allow you to sell your stuff without wasting all day sitting in the yard to garage. (You need all the packing time you can get!)

⃞ Cancel any services that won't be following you to your new home, such as your gym membership or meal-delivery service.

⃞ Photograph any expensive items you're worried could get damaged during the move. If something does break, photos might be helpful if you have to file a claim with your insurance company or dispute an issue with your moving company.

One Week Before:

⃞ List any items you will need for the remainder of your stay. Pack everything else into boxes.

⃞ Label boxes as you go and write down which room they'll be going into in your new home. One of our best packing tips for moving is to assign a number to each box—that way, when you reach your new home, you'll be able to easily check if any boxes failed to make it.

⃞ Clean up. Not only is this a courteous thing to do for the new tenants, but some rental companies actually stipulate that you must do this before moving out, and you could get stuck with extra fees if you ignore it.

⃞ Repair any small chips or scratches you may have made around your home, or repaint if you're required to as part of your current lease.

⃞ Confirm your moving details (time, cost, etc.) with relevant parties, including your moving company and the landlord or current tenants of the home you're moving into.

The Day Before:

⃞ Finish any last-minute packing.

⃞ Visit the bank or ATM to ensure you have cash for tipping movers or other on-the-fly expenses (such as pizza delivery), you might encounter.

⃞ Defrost fridge and freezer. These generally need 24 hours to defrost before they can be moved.

⃞ Pick up keys to your new place and do a final walk-through to check for any issues. If possible, clean as much as possible in your new home now, as it will be harder once all the boxes are unloaded.

⃞ Wrap and secure all large items such as furniture and appliances.

⃞ Set down protective coverings such as tarps or sheets to protect your floors during the move.

The Day Of:

⃞ Load your car with any items you don't wish to entrust to movers. This might include personal electronics or valuable breakables.

⃞ Clear an unobstructed path to your door at both residences to make it easier for movers to load and unload your belongings.

⃞ Do a final walk-through of your old home to ensure you didn't forget anything.

⃞ Swap keys on your keyring and leave your old keys at the designated drop-off spot, either with the rental company, the realtor, or the new tenant themselves.

⃞ Check to make sure all your boxes made it to their new home. If not, be sure to follow-up with the moving company immediately.

⃞ Relax! You survived another move. Might we suggest unpacking the bar stuff first?



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