What to Bring to a Music Festival: A Checklist of 10 Essential Items

music festival goers

Summertime is ideal for outdoor activities like going to the beach, camping, and concerts. And if you're a music festival attendee, sometimes you get all three in one weekend. To make it through the event (and the season) in one piece, use our checklist to know what to bring to a music festival (along with what to wear and do) so you can have a stress-free fest experience, even if you're a rookie.



Hydration Backpack

Running on a granola bar and whatever booze your friend snuck in WILL catch up with you. Reusable water bottles are great but can be annoying to hold. Enter the total game changer: a hydration pack that holds up to 2 liters of water. Skip those lines at the water stations.



Trendy Sunglasses

Shades with dark lenses are truly a necessity. Not only for sun protection but also to avoid eye contact with those people you'd rather not "see." Like that guy you went on one date with three years ago or your boss' sixteen-year-old daughter.




This should be required for entry. Circle, star, and highlight “sunscreen” on your list of what to bring to a music festival. Nothing puts a damper on the day like sunburn. Protect yourself with at least 15 SPF. Just make sure it's sealed so you aren't forced to toss it in the trash when going through security.

solar phone


Solar-Powered Phone Charger

We live in a technology age, might as well embrace it. Whether you want the extra battery life to keep in contact with your friends or just to update your social media accounts, we're not here to judge.



Disposable Poncho

Bad weather at festivals is almost inevitable, no matter what city you're in. Whether you choose to curse your local weather reporter or joyfully dance in the storm, you might as well stay dry with a brightly colored poncho.

wallet case


Wallet Phone Case

Odds are that you are like every other person in the world and keep your phone in hand almost always. Make your life that much more convenient with a phone case that holds cards and cash to save time when buying yet another IPA from the bar.

antibacterial wipes


Antibacterial Wipes

High-traffic porta-potties. Messy street food. Spilled drinks. At least give yourself the impression of cleanliness with antibacterial wipes, which could end up the unsung hero of your music festival checklist. Not the shower you may need, but it'll do for the weekend.

bracelet flask


Bracelet Flask

People have been sneaking in "prohibited items" to fests for as long as they've been around–it’s practically its own category of music festival essentials. Ten dollars for a 16 oz. domestic beer adds up! If you're feeling mischievous, try a bracelet flask that discreetly holds your liquor of choice. But you didn't hear it from us.

floppy hat


Floppy Sun Hat

Any hat is an absolute must, but a large floppy hat is the best choice for protecting your face and neck from a full day under the sun. Remember: you’re going to be standing in a big crowd of people, so you won’t always have access to the shade. Instead, bring the shade with you.



Mobile Fan Attachment

Remember those delightful misting fans that everyone used to bring to amusement parks? Here's the updated version: a mini fan that plugs right into your phone's charging port. You'll basically feel like a member of the royal family.



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