Five Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Basic Manicures

BY: Groupon Editors |Jul 1, 2016

Five Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Basic Manicures

Have you run out of nail art design ideas? Have you gotten stuck in a nail rut?

Ask yourself—when you arrive for your manicure and find yourself face-to-face with a gigantic wall of colorful polishes, do you find yourself reaching for the same traditional red or pink polish every time? Or maybe you’re no stranger to nail art, but still find yourself stuck for nail ideas, using the same aquamarine nail gems over and over.

If so, don’t worry. We rounded up five fun new nail art design ideas you can take to your manicurist or do at home yourself!

Go glam goth.

Five Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Basic Manicures_Goth

Though you could easily do this inverted French manicure with any mix of colors, we like the goth-meets-glitter approach that we see here from our Beauty Editor Kate. We think the black base would also look great with blood red or silver tips, so embrace your inner Jane Eyre and get dark.

Tip: to up the “wow factor”, try pairing a high-gloss nail polish with one that has a matte finish for added visual interest.

Try a simple stripe.

Five Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Basic Manicures_Stripe

Stripes are a great entry-level way to dip your toe (or finger, as it may be) into the world of nail art. A single accent stripe on one finger is an easy way to start; if you’re going all out, you could even try a faux animal print or veer into plaid territory.

Tip: freehand the nail designs for a more easy-going look but if you prefer precise, clean lines then striping tape is your best friend.

Don’t have a steady hand? Try stickers.

Five Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Basic Manicures_Stickers

Nail wraps (or nail stickers) give you the look of nail art fast, as our Beauty Editor Amelia discovered comparing two popular brands of nail wraps. All you have to do is stretch these pliable stickers over your nails, and they resist chips for up to 10 days. They often have amazing accents, too, like intricate stripes or gold studs.

Tip: skip the base coat in order to allow the nail wraps to adhere to your nails properly.

Think disco ball.

Five Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Basic Manicures_Disco

Body glitter may not be making a comeback anytime soon, but that shouldn’t stop you from donning the next best thing. Throw a glitter topcoat over your favorite shade of polish—you barely need to be coordinated to do it.

Tip: add glitter to one finger on each hand as an accent nail or all ten for party-ready vibes.

Let your nails be a canvas.

Five Nail Art Design Ideas to Spice Up Basic Manicures_Arty

Consider giving a pro free rein, especially if this is for a special occasion. It’s worth it, especially if you go to Chicago nail artist Ashley Crowe, aka Astrowifey. As our writer Kelly found out firsthand, Astrowifey’s custom manicures (like the The Birds–inspired one above) include nail art so good, they were in a museum.

Tip: if you’re not comfortable with Leonardo da Vinci–esque levels of precision for your DIY mani, try a more abstract design.

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