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9 Great Gifts for Pi Day

BY: Shannon Grilli | Mar 14, 2018

Once upon a time, you might not hear of a pi day celebration outside of a high school math class. But over the past decade or so, pi day celebrations are becoming more and more popular, not just for math teachers and students, but for anyone who wants an excuse to flaunt their nerdy side (and enjoy a slice of literal pie). Of course, party stores aren't exactly overflowing with pi day-appropriate decorations, so we threw together this roundup of perfect pi day gifts that will help you give the mathematical constant the respect it deserves (even if it is a bit irrational).

See what we did there?

Women's Pi T-shirt

Can't memorize the first 100 digits of pi? Wear them instead! These pi day shirts are also available in men's and kids' sizes, and there's a long-sleeve version too, in case 3/14 is unseasonably cold.

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Pi Men by Givenchy Eau de Toilette Spray

What does a numerical constant smell like? According to the perfume experts at Givenchy: rosemary, tarragon, lily of the valley, and touches of vanilla and cedar.

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Insulated Pie Carrier

Planning to bake some pies for pie day? Make sure they make it to your math class safely with this zippered carrying case, which features a foil liner that helps ensure food stays at the perfect temperature.

Buy it now for $37.99

Stainless-Steel Pie Server

This deluxe pie server is specifically designed to cut and lift slices out cleanly without destroying the crust. Because a pastry celebrating a mathematical constant demands slices that are equally consistent.

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Nerd Side Coffee Mug

A Star Wars reference and a pi drop in the same corny catchphrase? Fill 'er up.

Buy it now for $13.99

Stainless Steel Pie Dough Press

If rolling a perfect circle of dough for your pi day pies feels intimidating, opt for hand pies instead, which can be made quickly and evenly with this handy dough press. Bonus: it also works well for making dumplings and ravioli.

But it now for $4.99

Pie Face Game

Once your party guests have finished competing to see who knows the most digits of pie, switch to a game of chance that's sure to have everybody laughing. Players each take their turn cranking the handles and brace themselves to see who gets the unlucky (or lucky, depending on how hungry you are) pie in the face.

Buy it now for $18.99

Rachel Ray 9" Stoneware Pie Baker

Somebody's gotta bake all those pies for pi day, and it never hurts to have a few extra quality pie plates ready for the task.

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Math Symbols Quartz Wrist Watch

While it makes no reference to pi specifically, this math-themed watch is perfect for the number-lover in your life. We guarantee they'll think of you every time 3:14 rolls around.

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