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Roasted Marshmallows Can Do So Much Better Than S'mores

BY: Stephanie McDaniel | Jun 4, 2014
Roasted Marshmallows Can Do So Much Better Than S'mores

Crackling flames, a cool breeze, and a heady campfire scent—all hallmarks of a glorious summer evening. If you're out camping or lucky enough to own your own fire pit, there's no better way to enjoy the fair weather than by building a campfire and roasting marshmallows.

But what are you doing with those marshmallows?

Instead of falling back on (the admittedly tasty) s'mores, try something new this summer. Turn your fluffy treat into a deconstructed sweet-potato casserole or a fruit kebab to teach your taste buds the true range of marshmallows.

To find the best new flavors, we went out to our local fire pit, got some good campfire sticks, and tested these five marshmallow recipes:



Ingredients: marshmallow

The classic is good for testing your fire to see if it's hot enough. Simply spear the marshmallow and hold it close to the flames for a fiery, blackened edge. Or roast it down by the hot coals, rotating continuously for a crisp golden crust around a gooey center.



Ingredients: marshmallow, chocolate pieces

When most people roast marshmallows, they stick them in a bed of chocolate and graham crackers. Be a rebel and stick the chocolate inside the marshmallow. If you split the marshmallow in half and secure the broken chocolate piece in the sticky insides, you should get a molten chocolate center.



Ingredients: marshmallow, sweet-potato chunk (cooked), cinnamon

Sweet-potato casserole outside of Thanksgiving? Yes, please. Turn this traditional dish on its head by flavoring a bit of sweet potato with cinnamon and pairing it with equal part marshmallow. Eat it all in one bite to replicate the casserole flavor, or nibble a bit at a time to show your solemn appreciation of holiday dishes.


Ingredients: giant bunny Peep

Roasting a giant bunny Peep can bring out the dark side in anyone, but getting that caramelized crust just right is divine. As it cooks, the sugar will turn into a crisp candy shell around your marshmallow, and the bunny’s face will become even creepier as it melts. This variation makes the classic roasted marshmallow almost unbearably sweet, so don't be surprised if you can only eat just one.



Ingredients: marshmallow, strawberry, pineapple, banana, lemon juice or mint leaf (optional)

It's summer, so even though you're around a fire, there's no reason why you can't build a sweet fruit salad. Pile all your ingredients on a stick for that kebab feel (marshmallow at the bottom). The subtle flavors of cooked strawberry and pineapple perfectly balance the smoky taste of the roasted marshmallow.

Photos by Andrew Nawrocki, Groupon

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BY: Stephanie McDaniel