The Select Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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When February 14th comes around, it feels great to show your love just how much you care about them, whether you’ve been dating them for 5 minutes or you married them 50 years ago. That goes for showering your friends, family, pets, and even yourself with a little Valentine’s love as well.   

Below, we’ve collected six of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts, and picked precisely who is best suited for each gift. We also highlighted how much extra you can slice off the listed price with your Groupon Select membership.

chocolates and sweets


25% Off Flowers & Sweets*

Three classics that never go out of style: flowers, chocolates, and candies. Find us a person who doesn’t appreciate at least one of those three, and we’ll be, uh, very confused by that person’s tastes. Quite frankly, you can’t miss if you go this route. 

date night


25% Off the Perfect Date Night*

Wanna win Valentine’s Day? Give them a great night out! Gifting a nice evening together is not too expensive, not too cheap, and always memorable. And with Groupon, you can find anything to pair with their interests, from cooking classes to movie tickets to rock climbing, plus a whole lot more. 



25% Off A Massage*

We defy you to find one person who wouldn’t love receiving the gift of total relaxation. Considering the intimacy of a couples massage, it’s a nice gift and a special treat for your spouse—not only do they get to relax, they could do it with their Valentine! And while massages can get a little pricey, they’re more affordable on Groupon...and a downright steal with Select.

romantic getaways


10% Off A Romantic Getaway*

Psst, hey you! Yeah, you, person who wants to use Valentine’s Day as the moment to pop the question. We’ve got a better idea: propose on your next vacation. Gifting a romantic getaway is not only a show-stopping present that proves your relationship is getting serious, it also provides a lovely backdrop for when you do ask for his or her hand in marriage, whether you’re on a Caribbean beach or the top of the Eiffel Tower.



25% off Personalized Jewelry*

What do you get the person in your life that is effortlessly, infinitely cool, who deserves something that embodies just how all-encompassingly cool they are? You try to show them just how amazing they are with a necklace molded into their name, or a pendant with their picture on it, or an earring with their birthstone. It’s your way of paying tribute to their supremely awesome self.



10% Off a Concert or Sporting Event*

Some gifts are opened and then forgotten. But give somebody concert tickets and they’ll never forget it (especially if the lead guitarist winks at them). Or maybe a pair of tickets to see their favorite team. This kind of laid-back gift is excellent for special friends who you really just want an excuse to hang out with.

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