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Our 10 Favorite Shoe Organizers to Help Corral Your Closet

How many pairs of shoes do you own? You don’t really have to answer that, but my daughter has 10 pairs and she’s only 6. Wrangling a family’s footwear is certainly a challenge—the solution I’ve heard time and time again sounds easy enough: find each pair of shoes a home. But finding space for that home can be tricky. Luckily shoe organizers come in all sorts of configurations.

Check out these shoe storage ideas for something that works for you and your space.


W-Home Do-It-Yourself Shoe Rack

With these multi-tiered rack, you can assign one tier to each family member. This unit holds up to 27 pairs and is configurable, so you can store boots or shoes still in the box.


Sunbeam Shoe Closet with Dust-Free Cover

This rack is similar to the one above, with one crucial difference: a cover that protect kicks from dust and sunlight. Keep in mind, though, that the extra step of opening the cover might inhibit kids (and grownups) from putting their shoes away properly.


Black Stackable 2-, 4-, or 10-Tier Shoe Rack

To keep up with your family’s ever-evolving needs, try these stackable racks, which can be configured as needed—whether it’s to keep your kids’ shoes in their rooms or to keep the whole family’s shoes in one place.


Lavish Home Ten-Shelf Hanging Closet Shoe Organizer

This hangs from a rod in the closet, with compartments for easy sorting (or for tucking away hats, gloves, and scarves). It’s a great option for people who have bigger closets in the entryway.


Over-the-Door Wall Hanging 36-Pair Shoe Rack

The little used space behind the closet door is valuable real estate. Allocate that for storage of up to 36 pairs of shoes.


Under Bed Storage Shoe Organizer Bag

Under the bed is a great place to store special-occasion shoes, such as your high heels or wing tips. You can also keep out-of-season shoes here too (boots in the summer, sandals in the winter).


Sheffield 3-Door Shoe Storage Cushioned Bench

No one will know there’s a pile of shoes hidden in this storage bench.


Wood Shoe Storage Cabinet

Another way to keep your shoes behind closed doors, this is a literal closet dedicated to your footwear—and it’s easy on the eyes.


Shoe Slotz Storage Units

However you store your shoes, these help save space by stacking them on top of each other.

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