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Soundtracking the Apocalypse with German Hard Rockers Kadavar

BY: Tyler Clark | Apr 11, 2014
Soundtracking the Apocalypse with German Hard Rockers KadavarForget canned goods and flak jackets: prep for the coming apocalypse with the throwback sludge metal of Germany’s Kadavar. The Mayan Apocalypse of 2012. The beginning of Ragnarok this past February. The continued popularity of The Walking Dead. The apocalypse is en vogue, and German hard-rock group Kadavar is ready with their own contribution: a theme song for the end of the world. Hailing from the same shadowy sonic wastes as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the Berlin three-piece calls down the fires with wild-eyed vocals and riffs that wouldn’t be out of place streaming from a '74 El Camino. They also know how to make the gathering darkness seem less terrifying and more thrilling. In honor of their upcoming show at the Double Door, we’ve matched five of their videos with the five potential doomsday scenarios they best encapsulate. So, you know, plan ahead. The world ends because of: Muspell, the German end times So we’ll listen to: “Doomsday Machine” While: Gunning down fire giants that talk like Christoph Waltz The world ends because of: A possessed army of demonic sexy ladies So we’ll listen to: “Creature of the Demon” While: Realizing that those rose petals on the bed were actually part of the summoning ritual The world ends because of: Climate-change-induced water wars So we’ll listen to: “Come Back to Life” While: Driving away from yet another dried-up oasis The world ends because of: The computer simulation that controls our universe crashes So we’ll listen to: “Purple Sage” While: Waiting patiently for matter to reboot The world ends because of: An undetected superasteroid So we’ll listen to: “All Our Thoughts” While: Roasting marshmallows as the sky burns Kadavar’s new record, Abra Kadavar, is out now on Nuclear Blast. Emerge from your fallout shelter for their show at the Double Door on Thursday, April 24, at 8:30 p.m. Sons of Huns opens. 21+. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here. Photo provided by Kadavar
Guide Staff Writer
BY: Tyler Clark