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Prescribe Your Loved One a Spa Gift With This Diagram of Common Ailments

BY: Kate Raftery | Jan 25, 2016

One of the best parts of gift-giving is the warm fuzzies you get when you can tell a gift made a real impact. And when your significant other is walking around with a grumpy scowl or a grimace of discomfort due to some ailment, an excellent present for you both would be a sense of relief—for them to feel and you to witness. In our diagram below, we help you find the loveliest massage and spa gifts to give them relief from eight common complaints.

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If they can’t glance in a mirror without counting the blackheads and whiteheads on their nose, facial gifts are the way to go. Cleansing and exfoliation get rid of the nasty stuff that builds up in pores; extractions clean them out. (And the steam application could help your sinuses!)

Cranial-sacral therapy

This therapy, found at both spas and chiropractic practices, involves gentle bodywork directed at relieving compression in the bones and surrounding muscles of the head and spinal column. A scalp massage is often included.

Thai massage

During a fully clothed Thai massage, the therapist pushes, pulls, and rocks body parts, assisting the client in yoga-like stretches. It can help relieve tension and improve range of motion and flexibility.

Laser hair removal

When in-grown hairs and raw red bumps become the bane of her existence, gift ideas for her should include laser hair removal. It can reduce unwanted hair on a particular body part within about six sessions.

Deep-tissue massage

The client can ask the therapist to focus the intense pressure of this massage on troublesome areas, like a wrist bothered by overuse from playing video games or working long hours at a keyboard.


A technician can incorporate a scrub, paraffin dip, or moisturizing polish into a manicure that is already grooming nails and rough cuticles. Smooth hands are better complements to hot nail art.

Hot-stone massage

For a lower-back ache, a hot-stone massage is like a heating pad times 10. The warmth releases tension in the muscles, and the therapist can use the stones to massage out knots.


Reflexology looks like a foot massage, but there’s a lot more going on with this alternative-medicine technique. Proponents say stimulating a certain reflex point on the foot can soothe issues—restore the chi—in another body part, like an uncomfortably bloated stomach.

Illustration by Greyory Blake, Groupon

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