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The 10 Most Pampered Cities in America

BY: Sean O'Toole | Jul 30, 2014

In honor of Beauty Week, we set out to answer a question: which cities in America are the most pampered? To find the answer, we looked at cold, hard stats. Specifically, we ranked 150 cities based on how much residents have spent so far this year on Groupons for haircuts and coloring, nails, facials, teeth whitening, and tanning. Whichever market shelled out the most on those categories on a per subscriber basis would be declared the champion.

In a very unexpected twist, the winner is not LA—it’s the sports mecca of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Green Bay lagged behind in teeth whitening and tanning, but a good show in nails (#16) and a positively stellar performance in hair (#2) and facials (#1) put the city over the top.


Of course, the overall champions aren’t the only ones who deserve recognition. We wanted to hand out some special awards to places that pulled off remarkable achievements on other types of beauty and wellness Groupons:



which city in america invests the most in its looks chill 200c200



Super Chill Hot Spot: Santa Barbara


Warm-weather vacation destinations dominated massage: Palm Beach, Honolulu, and Daytona Beach all finished in the top 7. But the big winner was Santa Barbara, which spent fully 48% more than #2 Palm Beach. Based on these numbers, it’s entirely plausible to reach the radical conclusion that people like to relax on vacation.






which city in america invests the most in its looks bikini 200c200



Most Likely to Wear a Bikini in the Rain: Seattle


Seattle finished #1 in the US (#3 overall) in waxing. Yet Seattleites still had enough hair left over to wind up #6 in sugaring. The city also landed in the top 10 in the categories of sauna, infrared sauna, and float tank, so clearly Seattle is comfortable in a towel. Must be that famous Pacific Northwest sunshine we’re always hearing about.






which city in america invests the most in its looks age 200c200



Ageless-est: Fairfield County


Call it the County of Youth. Fairfield County, the southwestern Connecticut area that’s home to Bridgeport, Stamford, and Norwalk, walked away with top honors in both wrinkle injection and face-lift. It also landed in the top 5 for facial and photofacial. Forget New Orleans—Benjamin Button should have been set in downtown Danbury.






which city in america invests the most in its looks politics 200c200



Most Likely to Talk Politics in a Towel: Washington, DC


DC blew everyone away in spa – day pass. The next closest city, Nashville, spent less than 30% what Washingtonians did on leisurely days at the spa. Is it possible our lawmakers are slacking, calling in sick to the Senate to go lounge beneath a Vichy shower? Ball’s in your court, Washington Post.




Haven’t seen your hometown yet? Here are are a few more cities and the categories where they finished first:



Baton Rouge: Teeth Whitening

Charleston: B12 Injection

Columbus, GA: Colon Hydrotherapy

Dallas: Steam Bath

Daytona Beach: Spider-Vein Removal

Denver: Weight-Loss Program

Detroit: Feathering / Extensions

Eugene: Infrared Sauna

Fort Worth: Cryotherapy

Greenville, SC: Salt Cave

Jacksonville: Reiki

Las Vegas: Hangover IV Therapy

Long Island: Updo

Orange County: Beauty School

Phoenix: Blow-Dry

Sacramento: Permanent Makeup

San Francisco: Juice Cleanse

Santa Barbara: Hair Restoration

Shreveport / Bossier: Tanning; Fat / Cellulite Reduction Procedure

Illustrations: Jen Jackson, Groupon