The Benefits of Window Tinting

BY: Dan Delagrange |Mar 23, 2017

It's an undeniable fact: tinted windows are cool. Rappers rap about it, the presidential motorcade is decked out with it, and limos use it to keep their passengers shielded from the bustle of the outside world. They can even come in a mirrored finish. But the benefits of window tinting go beyond making your car look cooler. Read on to learn why having this service on your vehicle could be worth it.

It Makes It Easier on Your Eyes...

If you've owned a pair of non-polarized sunglasses and then upgraded to polarized shades, you'll understand how much sun glare affects your vision. Window-tint films work in a similar way, as most of them block the sun's UV rays (some can keep out up to 95%). They cut down on annoying—and potentially dangerous—sun glare while protecting your eyes from overexposure to ultraviolet rays.

...and Your Interior

Another benefit to that UV-ray protection? A better-maintained interior. UV light has a nasty tendency to warp, fade, and even crack the upholstery in car interiors. Using tints can keep leather seats smooth while preventing dashes and wheels from turning into a washed-out gray.

It Makes Your Car Cooler (in Temperature) and More Efficient

Hopping into a car that's been baking in the summer sun is miserable. You need oven mitts to handle those seat-belt clips. Tinted windows can help. Most of them will absorb the sun's heat, keeping the inside of your car cooler and saving you from blasting the A/C as much. Lessened wear and tear on your car's climate controls can also boost its fuel economy, helping it run smoother for longer.

It Can Keep You Safe

While some tinting involves darkening the window glass itself, auto windows are typically tinted via an adhesive film applied to their exterior. Along with its ability to shield interiors from excessive heat and the sun's rays, this kind of tinting carries with it a physical benefit: shatter protection. In the event of an accident or debris striking your car, the film provides a barrier that can keep windows from breaking into dangerous shards.

While It Looks Cool, Be Certain It's Legal

While pitch-black or mirrored-window tint shades can look great, you should be sure they're allowed where you live. Since tints can make it tougher for police to see drivers when stopping them, many states have strict window-tinting laws on how deep the tint's shade can be. These rules vary state to state, so it's smart to double check on what options are legally available before taking your car in to be tinted.

Our Final Tip? Don't Worry About the Percentage.

As long as you make sure the percentage of your tint is within the legal limit, there's not much difference between the various percentages other than personal preference. You won't be losing out on any benefits whether you opt for a lighter or darker tint, so just go with what you like!