The Good News Is I’m a Neutral Undertone

BY: Favin the Maven | May 22, 2014
The Good News Is I’m a Neutral UndertoneEven when I go to Sephora looking for something really specific, like pink lipstick, I end up kind of overwhelmed. There are 4,723 shades of pink! Which one is my pink? It turns out, it’s usually a lot easier to pick a lipstick color—or a shirt color, even—once you figure out your skin’s undertone. Makeup artists Kat DeJesus and Hayley Kassel taught me that undertones are the reason for a lot of things, like how some people look better in blue-ish reds, and other people look better in orange-y ones. They gave me some quick tricks for figuring out my undertones, which I broke down into two handy tables that you guys can use, too. My result? I’m a neutral—which means I can wear any color, pretty much. I’m destined to be indecisive about lipstick shopping, I guess! First, you need to figure out which undertone you are (duh). the-good-news-is-im-a-neutral-undertone_2_600c390 Next, you can determine which color families best complement your skin tone. the-good-news-is-im-a-neutral-undertone_1_600c390 While undertones are a key factor when considering which makeup shades to wear, they're not the only one. Find out more about how your hair color and eye color can play a role. Photo: Andrew Nawrocki, Groupon
Favin the Maven
BY: Favin the Maven