15 Things to Do on Your Birthday

BY: Editors' Picks |Sep 10, 2018

Everyone has an over-the-top birthday friend. You know, the one who plans an elaborate get together, every single year. I admire these people, but I am not one of them. When my birthday comes along, I experience this very familiar combination of excitement and dread. Yes, I want to do something fun. No, I don't have anything in mind. And please don't make me plan it. That's why I compiled this list of things to do on your birthday, whether you're spending the day with friends, family, or just yourself. Enjoy a stress-free day of celebrating another trip around the sun!


With friends...

Face it: the older you get, the harder it is to get the whole gang together. Carly is free this day, but Justin is out of town that weekend, and don't even get me started on Sara's work schedule this month. At the same time, you know how to incentivize your friends, whether it's with beer, wine, food, entertainment, or all of the above. Just choose the setting accordingly. Here are some birthday ideas to plan with friends that will make it easy and enticing for everyone to show up.

1. Head to a local brewery for a tasting.
2. Engage in some friendly competition with a game of paintball.
3. Get the gang together and buy tickets to a local concert.
4. Rent out roller skating rink for a retro birthday party.
5. Plan a last-minute trip out of town.


With yourself...

For some people, nothing sounds better than spending their birthday alone. No one holding them back, doing anything and everything they feel. Take the day off work and plan a full day of you. Here are some ideas on how to treat yourself on your birthday.

6. Get that massage you've been putting off for months.
7. Check out that new museum exhibit you've been to busy to see.
8. Spoil yourself with a professional house cleaner so that your pad sparkles.
9. Live a little. Check skydiving off your bucket list.
10. Treat yourself to a full day of relaxation at a spa.


With the family...

Some people reserve birthday celebrations for family members only. After all, who better to spend your special day with than the people who have been there for it all, good and bad? This year, retire the typical, neighborhood Italian restaurant. Here are some creative ideas on how to spend your birthday with family this year.

11. Test your problem-solving skills during an escape room.
12. Root for the family's favorite team at a home game.
13. See the amazing show that everyone won't stop raving about.
14. Have the family treat you to a fancy dinner.
15. Convince the gang to embark on a family vacation, just like old times.