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Beauty Experts Give Honest Answers to the Most Uncomfortable TMI Questions

BY: Editors | Jul 22, 2015

When we’re indulging in deals for beauty and spa treatments, our first thoughts are of the pampering: how relaxed we’ll feel, how beautiful we’ll look. But as the appointment nears, cold hard reality pierces these pillow-soft dreams. Mild anxiety creeps in as we wonder: Can I get a manicure if I chew my nails? When I get a massage, how naked should I get? While I’m floating in a sensory-deprivation tank, will anyone hear me if I belt out ABBA songs?

To put our minds at ease, we mustered up the courage to ask beauty gurus some very real, very uncomfortable TMI questions. Check out the links below for their informed—and surprisingly serious—responses.

Will My Aesthetician Judge Me for Popping My Pimples?

popping pimples

They might not judge you, but they’ve got some pretty good reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

Will Nail Technicians Still Give Me a Pedicure If My Feet Are Gross?

grooming gross feet

Busted nails, gnarly calluses, and hairy toes—nail pros have seen it all. Can your feet be too gross to be saved?

Is It OK to Flirt with My Hairstylist?

flirting with hairstylists

We asked three stylists whether they think your flirting is cute or creepy.

Do I Have to Exercise After Liposuction?

exercising after liposuction

I'm thinking of getting liposuction instead of exercising. Does that even make sense?

Can I Call a Friend Out on Her Botox?

calling out botox

The first rule of Botox: don’t talk about Botox. But is that the way it should be? We spoke to a Botox injector and patient to find out.

Should I Stop Coloring My Hair?

stop coloring hair

If you've forgotten your natural hair color or have major breakage problems, it may be time to step away from the dye.

How Much Blood Goes Into a Vampire Facial?

blood in a vampire facials

We talked with two Vampire Facial experts about how the treatment works and how much blood it takes.

Illustrations by Kelly MacDowell, Groupon