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How Much Blood Goes Into a Vampire Facial?

BY: Editors | May 9, 2016

If you haven't heard of the PRP facial, that's probably because it's more commonly called a vampire facial. What is a vampire facial? The name doesn't mean it's administered by vampires. (Sadly, it's not even administered by werewolves.) Below, we attempt to answer the most frequently asked vampire facial questions, with some help from two PRP-facial providers: Dr. Soroosh Mashayekh of Irvine Wellness and Cosmetic Clinic and Dr. Tali Arviv of Arviv Medical Aesthetics.

What is a vampire facial?

A vampire facial is a type of facial treatment that rejuvenates the face using via PRP, or platelet-rich plasma—a serum made from the client's own blood. Vials of withdrawn blood are spun in a centrifuge until it separates, isolating the red and white blood cells from the plasma, an amber serum rich in platelets. "If it's a little hazy, you might have some other stuff floating around [in it], and you can spin it again to maximize your serum," Dr. Arviv said.

The facialist can reintroduce this PRP serum into the client's skin in two ways: by direct injection or microneedling. (Many treatments include both methods.) A vibrating microneedling pen opens tiny holes in the skin so that once the plasma is smeared on the face, it penetrates deeply. To minimize discomfort, Dr. Arviv's team preps the client's skin for microneedling with a numbing cream.

How do doctors take the blood?

Both doctors take it from the arm, much the same way your doctor would draw blood during a checkup.

How does a vampire facial make you look younger?

"Platelets have growth factors," Dr. Mashayekh explained. "These growth factors, reintroduced into the tissue, will stimulate collagen production over time." Collagen is a protein that's most concentrated in young people's skin, and it's part of the reason their skin looks firm and supple.

As Dr. Arviv put it, collagen gives you "more volume, [and] when you have more volume, you're also getting a tightening aspect."

Exactly how much blood do you need for a vampire facial?

For Dr. Mashayekh, the answer depends on the treatment area's size. "If we are doing smile lines, for example, … I usually draw around 1 ounce of blood." For larger areas or a full-face treatment, he'll draw 2 or 3 ounces.

Not every practice is the same, though. Dr. Arviv draws less blood: at most 8 milliliters, or a quarter of an ounce, for a full-face PRP facial plus targeted injections into wrinkles or deeper lines, like the nasolabial folds. Treatments for smaller areas require even smaller amounts.

How much does a vampire facial cost?

Vampire facial cost can vary from practitioner to practitioner, with cost ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 per treatment. The average cost is about $1,500.

Of course, you can always search our website for great deals on vampire facials near you. A recent search in major metropolitan areas such as Chicago and New York found PRP facials for as low as $199.

What are vampire facial results like?

To really see what the facial treatment is like and view actually results, check out this video featuring one of our employees who underwent the procedure.


This article was originally written by Groupon staff writer Mae Rice in 2016. It has since been updated.