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Vegas on a Budget: How to do a Sin City Weekend for $300

BY: Andy Seifert | Jul 19, 2019

It's easy to spend money in Las Vegas. You could drop $200 on premium seats to the most-expensive shows, have dinner at the priciest steak houses in town, and pay top dollar for the finest Elvis-themed drive-thru wedding Nevada has to offer. And that's before visiting the casinos.

Or you could try it the Groupon way—with a thrifty plan that's packed with enough fun to feel like a splurge. To do Vegas on a budget, we'll show you how two people can eat, sleep, and gamble this weekend for about $300.


Hotel – $50

Las Vegas hotel prices can be all over the map. If you're willing to forgo staying directly on the Strip, you could find a room for $20–$30 a night. Browse Las Vegas hotels on Getaways and you'll likely find a handful of options fit for the thrifty weekender (there are five for under $25 under/night as of this writing!). You may have to walk a couple of blocks to reach the Strip, but you'll also get to see the less-trodden parts of Vegas.


Food & Drink – $110

  • Lunch on day one: Snag a table at one of six locations of The Egg Works and have breakfast for lunch. Try one of the eatery's egg crepes–you're gonna need the extra protein if you're going to stay up all night. (Get a $13 for $20 voucher here.)
  • Dinner on day one: Indulge your sweet tooth with dinner at the Strip's Sugar Factory, known for its "Goblet" drinks, 60-ounce candy-esque cocktails infused with stuff like gummi bears and blood orange. (Get a $28 for $40 voucher.)
  • Lunch on day two: Swish Japanese Hot Pot is a great spot to try hot pot for the first time. You'll cook thin strips of meats and a range of vegetables by dipping them into a bubbling broth, fondue-style. (Get a $21 for $30 voucher.)
  • Dinner on day two: On your last night, go out to a nice and quiet Italian joint, tucked away from the Strip. Pasta Mia West is a lovely option, serving northern Italian dishes, such as linguine with fresh mussels and lasagna bolognese. (Get an $18 for $30 voucher.)

Don't love our menu? Browse deals on food and drinks in Las Vegas to find your favorite eats.


Gaming – $100

Let's face it: you're probably going to spend a little money in a casino. The key word? "Little." To do Vegas on a budget, make a promise, whether to your spouse, to the card dealer, or to Siegfried and Roy, that you'll limit your casino spending to an amount set in advance. (We recommend $100.) This applies even if—especially if—you win money back: long-terms odds are always tilted in the casino's favor.


Show – $40

With a $300 budget, you won't be able to afford tickets to David Copperfield or Celine Dion (don't worry: her heart will go on). But for $40 or less, you can snag two seats at a Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show or a stand-up comedy show at the Stratosphere's LA Comedy Club. For a little bit more, you could see suave early-'60s Elvis and gaudy '70s Elvis brought to life at All Shook Up, Tribute to the King.

Check out Las Vegas shows on Groupon to see what's coming up.


Activities – Free

Some of the best sights in Vegas are free. Don't miss the Bellagio water-fountain shows, which take place at least every half hour in the evenings. Or head north to downtown Vegas for the Fremont Street Experience, where an LED canopy displays a trippy light show accompanied by a rock-and-roll soundtrack.



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BY: Andy Seifert