We Brought Back Bedazzling

BY: Mel Kassel |May 2, 2014
We Brought Back BedazzlingLook at how happy the woman in this commercial is. I wanted to be that happy. And, like most people, I believed the road to happiness was paved with thousands of tiny gems. I saw them overlaid on flannel, denim, even leather, glimmering and winking as if to say “You’ve finally made it, Mel. You crafted.” So I bought a Darice rhinestone setter heat applicator wand. The name was a mouthful, but that mouthful had the word “rhinestone” in it, and this tool was about half the price of the classic BeDazzler (why is the D capitalized?). It also works a little differently—instead of “stapling” the rhinestones to the cloth, it uses a heated tip to melt and activate the adhesive backing on specialized rhinestones that you buy. The day the wand arrived, I embellished a tank top with what looked like a dragonfly or a palm tree, depending on which of those two things I told you it was supposed to look like. The rhinestones stuck (even after a trip through the wash!), and I knew it was time to share my Darice wand with the world. Or at least with my coworkers. we-brought-back-bedazzling_b_600c390 From left to right, starting from the back: Amelia, Kelly, Michelle, Shannon, me (Mel), Mae We each brought a small item into the office and took turns using the wand to make our bejeweled masterpieces. Just look at what a few rhinestones can do: we-brought-back-bedazzling_a_600c390 Amelia’s (Dog’s) Bandana Before bedazzling: A purple bandana. It’s like all other bandanas, except it’s purple. Afterbedazzling: A personalized gift for your pooch, who will brag about it to all his pooch friends. we-brought-back-bedazzling_k_600x390 Kelly’s Bow Tie Before bedazzling: “How quaint, your bow tie matches the olive in your martini.” After bedazzling: “Good evening, Mr. Bond. You’re looking especially chic tonight.” we-brought-back-bedazzling_mi_600c390 Michelle’s Top Before bedazzling: A humdrum white top. After bedazzling: A glam-drum (roll with it) statement piece. we-brought-back-bedazzling_ma_600c390 Mae’s Beanie Before bedazzling: A way to keep your head warm. After bedazzling: A charming and functional mood indicator (there’s a frowny face on the back). we-brought-back-bedazzling_me_600c390 My Hat Before bedazzling: The reason why someone might mistake me for a train conductor. After bedazzling: The reason why airborne predators just keep flyin’. we-brought-back-bedazzling_s_600c390 Shannon’s Eyepatch Before bedazzling: The mark of a sailor who has weathered the seas and paid a heavy price. After bedazzling: The mark of a sailor who has weathered the seas, paid a heavy price, and told the sea, “Thank you, you’ve given me another opportunity to look incredible.” Needless to say, I highly recommend picking up a wand for yourself and seeing what you can create. This is a style trend that has criminally fallen by the wayside—and it’s up to us to bring it back, one glorious gem at a time. we-brought-back-bedazzling_a_600c390 Need some more inspiration? Check out rapper Leslie Hall's bedazzled gem sweaters. Photo: Andrew Nawrocki, Groupon